Fox Adapting Australian Miniseries ‘Jack Irish’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Fox Adapting Australian Miniseries ‘Jack Irish’ [WATCH VIDEO]
Fox Broadcasting Company Logo.June 14, 2007. Wikimedia Commons/Keyser Soze

A detective drama miniseries is heading towards the West from all the way Down Under, as FOX is adapting the Australian miniseries “Jack Irish.” It is based on the books written by Peter Temple, which feature the character Jack Irish as the protagonist. Read on to learn more about this story.

So far, there have been three installments in the “Jack Irish” miniseries, spanning from 2012 to 2014, each based on a Jack Irish book of the same name. The first and second installment were entitled “Bad Debts” and “Black Tide” respectively, and the third installment, which was released in 2014, was entitled “Dead Point”. Each installment starred Guy Pearce as the titular “Jack Irish”. However, despite the fact that the miniseries has been quite recent, the novels, beginning with “Bad Debts”, have been around since 1996; and has a fourth Jack Irish novel entitled “White Dog”, which was released in 2003.

According to Deadline, the series follows the story of a criminal lawyer named Jack Irish, who is trying to move one after the murder of his beloved wife. Following the murder of his wife, he is no longer a criminal lawyer but is a part-time lawyer, a debt collector, football fan, punter, and a trainee cabinet maker.

Jack seemed unfortunate in every case he investigates. Later on, he comes to believe that everything is not as simple as he would like to believe and that there is something bigger behind all these cases and events he ends up handling.

The showrunner for this project, according to Deadline, is Anna Fricke continued with her contract with 20th Century FOX TV. The series will be written by “The Following” writer Seamus Kevin Fahey. Fricke and Fahey are joined by Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope as the executive producers of the show. Some of the new adaptation’s executive producers will include Chris Hilton, Somonne Overend and Ian Collie from Essential Media and Entertainment. They are part of the same company that produced all three “Jack Irish” installments in Australia. 

FOX already has a script commitment, with a penalty, for the upcoming adaptation.

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Check out the link below for the trailer to the Australian miniseries “Jack Irish”, to get an idea of what the adaptation would be like.

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Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons/Keyser Soze


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