Fox To Bring Back ‘24′ Without Jack Bauer: Is the Return Worthwhile Without Him?

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
Fox To Bring Back ‘24′ Without Jack Bauer: Is the Return Worthwhile Without Him?
Fox To Bring Back ’24’ Without Jack Bauer: Is the Return Worthwhile Without Him?

It came as a shock rather than a surprise when FOX made an announcement on the return of their one time popular, nation’s favorite soap opera, “24 Legacy”, a “revival.” A new season of “24” without Jack Bauer, how can they even think about that?

The makers are planning to stay true to the original format, thinking that it is what the real time format and a one-day terrorist plot that was behind the show’s success. Did they forget he was the show? What are their future plans?


There is no doubt that the real time format of “24” was something unique which no one ever tried out before, but it was the case during the early seasons when it got started off. Later, it turned out to be a hindrance more often than a help at times.

Simply, keeping the original format and focusing on terrorist threats with name dropping CTU won’t do any wonders. Neither, the ticking clocks with those trademark beep magic will work out without Bauer. Even with Bauer, “24” was struggling a bit especially, at the end of last season. So how will they manage it without him?

As per Forbes, the makers of “24” are planning to replace Bauer with someone who is entirely different from him. So are they going to bring in a young, pleasant and a pacifist gentleman to the show? Unbelievable! Then how will it be our old “24?” It won’t! But still, the last hope is left, if they can bring Kiefer Sutherland back to the show, it can do wonders again.


According to The Verge, “24 Legacy”, a “revival” will have an all new cast, but the plot and story line will be retained as such. The new protagonist of the show is a new character, Eric Carter who will be accompanied by a female lead. Although the casting has not been done, it is yet to see if they will approach  Kiefer Sutherland again for the role of Eric Carter, for keeping their viewers on the safer side.

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