Fox International Channels Acquires Rights to Tiger Mom

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Fox International Channels Acquires Rights to Tiger Mom

Get ready  as China invades the American television screens. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox International Channels has acquired the rights to the Chinese drama, “Tiger Mom.” Read on to learn more about this story.

“Tiger Mom” is a Chinese television show based on Amy Chua’s book, “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom,” and is slated to begin airing in 2015.

The drama centers on two parents whose daughter has just started school and shows the kind of tough love that Asian mothers display towards their children, as more often than not, they have very high expectations of them. Two very popular Chinese actors will be portraying the parents — Zhao Wei (Red Cliff) and Tong Dawei.

The concept of the “Tiger Mom,” or strict child rearing, has been around for centuries in Asian families but has grown in popularity since Chua’s novels hit the shelves.

Fox International Channels will be partnering with the Chinese company New Classics Media in order to be able to broadcast a drama such as this one outside of mainland China.

This is a bold move for Fox International Channels as it has the best kind of partnership with mainland Chinese media companies. According to the Senior Vice President of the Chinese Channels Group of Fox International Channels Asia, this deal is highly beneficial to both the West and for China, as they will be able to fill the need of more Chinese-related media around the world by giving people from outside of the mainland to access to Chinese television shows. This is relevant as well, as in the past couple of years, there have been a rise in interest for Asian entertainment, from cartoons to television shows, music and movies.

Thanks to this deal, the series will be able to air in various parts of the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, North and South America, Africa, Austrolasia, Europe, Korea and Japan.

The show will also be shown on Star Chinese Channel, which is also part of Fox International Channels.

What do you think about this bold move? What Asian television shows would you like to be aired? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And that’s the latest news on the upcoming Chinese drama, “Tiger Mom,” which will be distributed by Fox International Channels.

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