FOX Rejects ‘Calbot College’ from Tina Fey

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
FOX Rejects ‘Calbot College’ from Tina Fey

FOX originally had a series commitment with Tina Fey, producer of the upcoming comedy “Cabot College,” along with Universal Television. But in a report first published on Variety, the network has decided that it will pass on the project instead. Read on to know more about this news story.

Award-winning writer, actress and comedienne Tina Fey was last active on television with “30 Rock,” a comedy series she wrote, produced and starred  on NBC. The show bowed out of the small screen in 2013 after six seasons, and since then, Fey became busy working on film projects and book writing. She also pitched new TV shows to the networks, and one of these was “Cabot College” on FOX, which the popular TV personality created with Universal’s Robert Calock.

But according to Variety, while the pilot episode for “Cabot Collage” was shot last spring, FOX has decided it will no longer pursue the series. It was then former FOX head Kevin Reilly who made a commitment to the show, but with his departure from the network only last May, FOX has been restructuring and changing its upcoming line-up.

“Cabot College” was pitched as a comedy series centering on a women’s college, which has started accepting male students for the first time. Matt Hubbard, whom Fey has worked with on “30 Rock,” wrote the pilot to the show, which top billed Margaret Cho, Bonnie Dennison, Asif Ali and Jack Cutmore-Scott. “Cabot College” was much anticipated, but with FOX’s rejection, it’s still unclear if the studio would shop the series on another outlet or platform.

Meanwhile, Fey’s other upcoming TV series is still up and running. The show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” which will headline comedienne Ellie Kemper, is scheduled for midseason on NBC, and Fey will serve its writer and executive producer. She may also appear in this series.

And that’s the latest development on “Cabot College,” which officially won’t be airing on FOX. Will a new network take it in? In the meantime, fans of Tina Fey can look forward to her other series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” which will come to NBC in the midseason.

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