FOX’s Gracepoint [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
FOX’s Gracepoint [WATCH VIDEO]
David Tennant July 2009.Wikimedia Commons/David Tennant/Rach.

Slated for a 10-episode first season run, “Gracepoint” is a new drama series that will begin airing on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. The show is an adaptation of “Broadchurch,” a British original, and will star Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”) and David Tennant (“Broadchurch”), with James Strong as director and Chris Chibnall as writer. Read further to learn more about the show.

The story of “Gracepoint” takes place in a small seaside town that is suddenly disrupted by the death of a young boy. An investigation by the police ensues, unearthing different stories and disturbing the lives of the residents of this otherwise uneventful place.

David Tennant, who played the role of the investigator Alec Hardy in the British version, joins the American cast of “Gracepoint.” He will be playing the same character, only this time he’s an American detective named Emmet Carver, with the appropriate-sounding accent to boot. Joining Tennant is Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”), playing the role of Detective Ellie Miller. In the story, there is some animosity between the two detectives in the beginning, as Carver (Tennant) arrives to Gracepoint to head the case with the murdered boy and fill a high post in the police force, which was supposedly a position promised to Miller.

Also leading the cast are Josh Hamilton as Joe (Ellie’s husband), Jack Irvine as Tom (Ellie’s son), Nikolas Filipovic as Danny Solano (the murder victim), Michael Pena and Virginia Kull as Mark and Beth Solano (the victim’s parents), Madalyn Horcher as Chloe Solano (Danny’s sister), and Kendrick Sampson as Dean Iverson (Chloe’s boyfriend).

Nick Nolte has a special participation in the series as Jack Reinhold, a private person who is seen as almost like a hermit by Gracepoint’s resident. Jacki Weaver, Kevin Rankin, Stephen Louis Grush, Sarah Jane Potts, Jessica Lucas and Kevin Zegers are also part of the cast.

Just like the British original, “Gracepoint” will have a dark but fluid way of storytelling. The conclusion, at least based on what we’ve already seen from “Broadchurch,” is powerful and riveting, as the detectives discover who really is behind Danny’s death.

And that’s it for “Gracepoint,” a crime drama series premiering on FOX in the fall season. In the UK, the critical success of “Broadchurch” has earned a second season renewal. Will “Gracepoint” be able to copy the same feat? Watch the video teaser of the series below.

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