Frank Darabont: “Having that family torn apart was very heartbreaking for everybody”

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Frank Darabont is now getting ready to break off and make way for his new gangster series, Mob City on TNT. Subsequently, he’s been doing press for the first time since his departure from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Oscar Nominated film maker served as showrunner and also was the maker of the zombie series till the point that he and the Network had a very public departure when they were just beginning the production of the second season.

In a recent interview with Variety, Darabont stated that he was no longer watching the series which he created and that the executives that let him go were feelingless sociopaths who did not give a damn about his feeling and also the feelings of the cast and crew members.

Darabont was questioned by IGN during which a couple, if interesting, insights into the flare up came to light. Darabont mentioned that the people who had to provide the budget were being, well…. Essentially hogs and throwing a lot of their wait around. He mentioned that in the beginning of the second season these people just came up and cut the budget by 25%.

“If somebody comes and hands you the biggest hit you’ve ever had you don’t just say, ‘Okay, now we’re going to cut your budgets by 25% across the board. And we don’t give a s**t if you care, if you don’t like it.’” said Darabont.

Darabont would continue on in the interview about how inhuman the environment was made for all the actors and crew to work in. However, one thing that he did feel good about was the loyalty of the crew but he was selfless enough to tell them not to ruin their livelihoods for his sake.

From the over all look of it, it seems like Darabont had found himself working with the wrong people.

“Work with nice people. Otherwise don’t show up. That’s the lesson.” said Frank.

Source: IGN

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