Frank Grillo Returns For ‘Purge 3’ As Sergeant; High Political Dose This Time

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Frank Grillo Returns For ‘Purge 3’ As Sergeant; High Political Dose This Time
He is coming back

The much-awaited “Purge 3 “ is in the making to be released next year. The story doesn’t end with that. The fan-favorite Frank Grillo will be gracing the silver screen yet again as ‘Sergeant’ in “Purge 3.” Read on to get the complete scoop.

You are about to enter the thrilling world of crime and bloodshed yet again for the third time with “Purge 3,” in July next year. The 50 year old “Warrior” actor Frank Grillo confirmed his re-joining the “Purge” franchise and teased that the third installment will be much more politically focused and improved one than its prequels.

Grillo will be reprising his role as ‘Sergeant,’ who seeks revenge on the Purge night, but ends up protecting a group of helpless people when the purging begins.

Slash Film reported that James DeMonaco, who happens to be the writer and director of the “Purge” series, was unable to write a script for the third part of the series until Grillo joined the franchise.

Grillo manifests a very intense character of Sergeant who sets off to avenge his son’s tragic death on a road accident by killing the man responsible for it. But Grillo, who is the protagonist, is not an evil man, and thus he ends up protecting innocent souls on the sinful night of purge.

Grillo expressed a good amount of excitement on being a part of the third installment. He also showed immense trust in DeMonaco by signing the film even before the script was ready.

Grillo told Collider, “You get to see where he came from, his origin, how this has affected him, and what he does to make some changes about it. He was involved in law enforcement at a high level, and he gets involved with somebody else who’s also politically charged, and they go after the system.”

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