Frank Miller to Write New Batman Comic

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Frank Miller to Write New Batman Comic

This last week of April has brought thrilling news to the comic book lovers. DC Entertainment has announced on their website the return of Frank Miller to write the epic finale of the world celebrated “The Dark Knight Returns” trilogy.

According to the official website of DC Comics, “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” would be the sequel to Miller’s classic written in 1986, which has been crowned by the Time Magazine as one of the 10 Greatest Graphic Novel of All Time.

“Wonder Woman” writer Brian Azzarello will co-write the graphical novel which is yet to go under publication by late 2015. In the announced report, Miller said that among all the graphic novels which he penned down, Batman still remains his favorite comic book hero. He also said that to write the conclusion where an old Batman will come back for the last time would be very intimidating.

But since 1995, Miller has lost his grip over the Batman. His comics had earned money but faced very poor reviews from the fans. Batman/Spawn was a poorly written throwaway story and the comic book lovers know that “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” was offensive on practically all levels. “All-Star Batman” was unworthy of holding up an uneven table.

Some may be skeptical and some might be downright against it. One will point that the characterization in “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” will make them to skip the trilogy but it’s very exciting to know that apart from the ailing age and ill health, Miller is again back with a story which he is working on with Azzarello from the past one year. The story may be poor and again will fail to impress the fans but if Batman lovers will get something as great as the original then it will be a wonderful Christmas gift for those who grew up reading about Bruce Wayne.

Batman v. Superman” is tending to release soon and it gives Frank’s original masterpiece a nice nod on the big screen. Batman fans always try to visualize it as a movie back when there were no planning of creating VFX’s for movies. Azzarello and Miller are both great writers, so we just hope to see the book in our shelves soon because what may have been lighting in a bottle for us back in 80’s, “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” could be another person’s introduction to a rich Universe with many stories to uncover from the past and the present.

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