‘Frankenstein’ Update: Casting News

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Frankenstein’ Update: Casting News
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With “Frankenstein” officially happening, cast members are being announced and after the announcement that Philip Baker Hall will play the main role as Ray Pritchard along with other co-leads, I’ve got details on another main character! This one’s a girl, though! Read below for the full details.

“Revenge” cast member Dilshad Vadsaria has been cast as Mary Goodwin, “the beautiful, brilliant young woman, who with her brother Otto, have built a cyber empire” as per Deadline.

Frankenstein revolves around the life of a retired cop, Ray Pritchard. He is brought from the dead by a group of scientists who believes that they could do anything.

Aside from “Revenge,” Vadsaria has also starred in “Murder In The First” and “Greek.” We also have Tim DeKay who will co-lead with Rob Kazinsky in the show’s pilot. He will play the role of an FBI agent who will take down the bad guys (the scientists).

Indeed, Fox has a good TV show pilot cooking up with “Frankenstein.” We actually have high hopes that this one gets a full season order because it’s interesting to see the Mary Shelley mythology into a TV series. And who doesn’t know “Frankenstein” anyway? We all do! This is an interesting year for the network as they have other pilot orders to fill up, hopefully, their schedule late this year until next year. Viewers have definitely a lot to look forward to this year and networks cook up new TV series.

What do you think of these new cast members? Do you think they are the perfect fit for each of their roles? Are you excited for “Frankenstein?” Let us know by posting your comments below!

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