Franklin & Bash Recap: Dance the Night Away

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Franklin & Bash Recap: Dance the Night Away
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“Franklin & Bash” Season 4 Episode 6 “Dance the Night Away” aired last Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014, at 10:00 pm on TNT. In this episode, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) represented Cindy Maloney, a stripper and a friend of Peter’s mother, Colleen Bash (Jane Seymour). It turned out that the club that she worked for wanted her to pay for the pole that she broke while she was dancing, which caused her to sprain her ankle. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Jared and Peter getting ready to get into their hot tub with their two dates for the night. However, they were interrupted by Colleen Bash (Jane Seymour), Peter’s mother, who had brought in a friend of hers, Cindy Maloney, as Cindy needed some legal advice. This prompted the duo’s dates to leave.

It turned out that Cindy was a stripper at Candy’s Bar, and she was injured while doing a dance move she called “The Double Helix.” The pole had broken, and she had sprained her knee, causing her not to work for a week. The club owner, however, refused to pay any of her medical bills and was suing her so that she could pay $1,300 for the pole that had gotten broken. Jared then decided to take the case, without discussing the matter further with Peter. Afterwards, he also invited Colleen to enjoy the hot tub with them. However, the ladies decided to leave, leaving the two men alone.

The next day, they caught Damien Karp staring at the new sign at the firm, which reads “Infeld Daniels, Franklin and Bash.” While he was there, Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) was introduced to Damien. Damien then informed the duo that he will be going against them in court, as he was representing the club owners in their case.

Jared and Anita, as per Infeld’s instructions, ran to the courthouse in order to represent Ian, the Duke of Landingshire and a polo player, who had an assault case. The case was dismissed, but the Duke said that he was broke and couldn’t pay any of the fees. He also complained about how the only thing he had left was his “worthless title.” However, Anita argued that in her old law firm, some of their Danish royal clients had paid of their debts by paying with titles. Therefore, Ian gave Jared his title as the Duke of Landingshire.

While on the way to Candy’s Bar, Peter argued with Jared that he should get half the “dukeship,” as he had also helped out in the case. At the bar, they confronted Cliff, Cindy’s manager, and asked if he would allow Cindy to work their again and to pay for both the pole and Cindy’s medical bills. Cliff refused to do this as “business would be bad” if he paid up “for every girl that falls” in the club. Due to this confrontation, Cliff then decided to fire Cindy, to which Jared said that they would be filing a suit for wrongful termination.

Back at the office, Stanton congratulates Jared on procuring a royal title and decided that he was going to throw him a “royal coming out” party at their beach house. Before they left, Stanton told them to do the SR-17 forms, which the duo thought that Stanton was going to accomplish, as he used to do them before he left. The duo also talked about how they missed Damien, as he used to do all the SR-17 forms perfectly.

At the courthouse, the judge dismissed the case after learning that Cindy could not really sue her employer as she was only an “independent contract worker.” Such was the case, “independent contract workers” cannot sue their employers, as they are not really employees. Damien then also informed the judge that there was no formal contract with Candy’s Bar and that there was documentation that says that the girls could also “pursue outside employment,” which Cindy does, as she is also a fitness instructor. The duo felt bad that the suit got dismissed and decided to continue helping Cindy out. She also asked them to collect her things at the club for her as she could not seem to bring herself to go there.

As Peter and Jared headed out of their office, Jared was confronted by Duke Albert Daughtery (Kevin McKidd), the Duke of Weddinton, who wanted Jared to tell the Landingshire’s to keep their cattle off his lands, as they weren’t paying him any lease or rent for their cattle to do so.

Peter dropped by where Cindy works as a fitness instructor to drop of her things from the bar. While there, Cindy informed him that she was moving back to Wisconsin. She also revealed that she dances because she wanted to do something different — something that would awe people. She showed Peter the Double Helix move, which impressed him. He then told her that she could get a job at any club she wanted. However, that would be impossible as Cliff had blacklisted her from all the clubs, and she also did not want the girls to get fired as well. Then Peter decided that the exotic dancers should form a union.

The duo gathered all of the dancers from Candy’s and asked them if they wanted to form a union so that they and their rights would be protected. However, they were interrupted by Cliff, whose presence cause the dancers to be intimidated. Then Cliff took a picture of both Peter and Jared to make sure that they could never enter another club again.

At home, the boys decided to finally do the SR-17 forms while drinking and fishing. The fishing was successful for the duo, as they were able to catch a pretty big fish.

Much to their surprise, Stanton and Cliff’s dancers were at their house. The dancers apologized for being intimidated by Cliff and decided that they did want to form a union after all.

At the office, Stanton, who was disappointed that Damien hadn’t been visiting him at his office whenever he dropped by, invited Damien in and showed him a photo album of the trip that they took when they went to Bangkok. Damien spotted the SR-17 forms, which were finished yet smelled fishy. As Peter and Jared had messed up the forms, Damien offered to help Stanton out in fixing them.

Meanwhile, Jared and Peter asked for Anita’s help in their case, as she knew the labor code better than they did. As per her advice, they started to call different unions in order to see if they would be willing to sponsor the exotic dancers. This move to join an existing union would be much easier than coming up with one, as the paperwork could take a year. While they were looking for a union, the Duke of Weddington appeared in order to check on how things were going on with the Landingshires. While he and Jared were talking, the Duke received a phone call, after which he “threw down” the Glasgow Gauntlet and challenged Jared, which he accepted.

Thanks to Anita, Tony, the president of the “Local 213,” and a big fan of Jared and Peter’s, showed up, saying that they would be honored to take the exotic dancers into their union. In turned out that “Local 213,” a “union of good standing,” was a union of puppeteers. Tony had even made puppets of Jared and Peter. In court, the duo argued that exotic dancing and puppeteering are the same as they are both in the entertainment industry and require “manual dexterity.” Thanks to the inclusion of the dancers into the Local 213 union, Jared and Peter were able to reopen their original case.

They then decided to go on strike. While they were on strike, Damien dropped by to tell them that the club owners had agreed to take Cindy back, to pay her medical bills, and they also paid for the broken pole. In exchange, Cindy would just have to call off the strike. The duo agreed to this on three conditions. Firstly, Cindy would have to get her job back, with back pay. Secondly, all the dancers should be given medical and dental benefits and 401K’s. Damien then correctly guessed that the third term was that he would rejoin the company. The boys then told Damien that despite the fact that they don’t like each other, they need each other as Damien’s presence challenges them.

Back at the office, Stanton was overjoyed that Damien was rejoining the firm. However, Damien reasoned that he was going to wait for his representative, Colleen Bash, before giving his terms. When Colleen got there, she was able to get Jared, Peter and Stanton to apologize for their behavior towards Damien.

At the courthouse, Stanton told Damien that he had read all of his terms and had found them acceptable and added another term, which he hoped Damien would like. Damien then asked Stanton if Jared and Peter had agreed to this, but Stanton shrugged it off, saying that “at the end of the day, it’s my firm, and I hope that one day, it will be yours.” He also revealed to Stanton that he had quit his new firm the moment Peter and Jared asked him to come back.

At court, Jared and Peter presented their case by simulating the situation that the girls experience at the club, claiming that it was not safe for them at all to work there. To demonstrate, the boys had two poles placed inside the courtroom and got Cindy and her friend, Amelia, to dance-wearing protective covering, to make sure that they would not be hurt. The duo then argued that the girls need a safer place to work in, as having the girls dancing covered in protective clothing would take out the strip club experience from everyone. This led them to win their case.

Back at the office, the duo confronted Stanton about the added term to Damien’s list of terms. It turned out that Stanton had added that whenever either Jared or Peter insulted Damien, they would have to pay $50 each time. The duo had a problem with that, and the uncle and nephew team had a field day, as the duo kept on insulting Damien and refusing to pay up.

At Jared’s “royal coming out” party, Jared insisted that Peter present him with his title. However, he was immediately confronted by the Duke of Weddington, as they were going to start the challenge that Jared had accepted. It turned out, however, that the Glasgow Gauntlet was a drinking duel, used in order to seal the deal between the Landingshires and the Weddingtons, as the Landingshires had agreed to a 100-year lease contract with the Weddingtons. The rules of the game were simple that the last man standing would win. Peter decided to participate in the challenge, as Jared was known to be a lightweight.

Peter and the Duke drank a dozen or so shots, and at the end of the duel, the Duke fell down first before Peter did.

Outside, Jared asked advice from Colleen, as he was still feeling down about the fact that Ellen Swatello and him were no longer in a relationship. However, she cheered him up by telling him that he is a “wonderful young man” and that if Ellen is not careful, someone else might take him away. Jared thanked her by dancing with her in lieu of paying cash. As they danced, the two ended up kissing. The camera then panned out to focus on the two puppet heads of Peter and Jared, which were on their porch, with Peter’s puppet’s mouth wide open in shock.

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