Franklin & Bash Recap: Falcon’s Nest

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Franklin & Bash Recap: Falcon’s Nest
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“Franklin & Bash” Season 4 Episode 8 “Falcon’s Nest” aired on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. In this episode, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) take on the case of a friend, Danny Dubois (Michael Weaver), who was going to get evicted from the retirement home he was living in because he was too young for that place. He had been living there with his grandmother until she died, and he loved it there. Damien Karp (Reed Diamond) assisted Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) as first chair in a case defending a brilliant scientist who was not able to win a grant because Go West Airlines cancelled her flight. Meanwhile, Ellen Swatello (Rhea Seehorn) felt sidelined, but Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) asked her to chair the made-up Young Leadership Committee. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened at Casa Del Palms, a retirement home community where Peter’s and Jared’s good friend, Danny Dubois, was throwing a farewell party. He had been living there with his grandmother and was the exception to the rule, as he could stay as he had a relative living there. However, as the bylaws state that only people over the age of 55 could live there, he would have to leave. He also let them meet Jacob “Falcon” Riley, who used to be his grandmother’s boyfriend.

While heading up to the office, Peter forced Jared to get onto the same elevator as Jared’s ex girlfriend, Ellen Swatello (Rhea Seehorn). Their conversation was awkward, and the two did not reconcile at all.

During their meeting, Stanton told them that they had a prospective client — Erica Boydv — a brilliant scientist who was supposed to win grant money but wasn’t able to get it, as Go West Airlines had cancelled her flight to Sweden, where she was supposed to present her research. Anita was ecstatic and decided to take the case as she was looking for an opportunity to get back at Go West Airlines. Ellen volunteered but was disappointed when she learned that she would only be second chair. Damien Karp (Reed Diamond), who had initially passed on the case, decided to work with Anita as first chair, which Anita agreed to.

Afterwards, Ellen confronted Stanton and asked why she was not considered for the case. He then revealed that Damien and Anita had more experience in contract law than her and that he wanted her to chair the Young Leadership Committee, which he had made up on the spot.

Jared and Peter tried their best to convince the Casa Del Palms board, which included Danny’s friend Nanette, that Danny had the right to live there since his mental age was sixty. However, when they put it to vote, nobody agreed, and Danny had to start packing.

While he was packing, Nanette commented on how Danny was the son Falcon never had, and how Falcon was the father that Danny never had. As Danny could live there if he had a relative living in the community, they decided to try to have Falcon adopt Danny as his son.

In court, they argued that Danny needed a father figure, like Falcon, as he was suffering from “chronic emotional immaturity,” and that since Danny did not have parents, the closest thing to that was Falcon.  Since Falcon never had any children, Danny was the closest thing he had to a son.

At the adoption hearing, Peter and Jared ran into a problem as Falcon had not shown up to court. They were then given until noon to procure Falcon, who, turned out, was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. However, Peter and Jared came up with a plan and decided to get Falcon very drunk.

In court, Peter told Falcon to do his “Prairie Fire” trick, which involved Falcon setting his chest hair on fire. However, as Danny had run out of the courtroom, Jared told Peter not to continue the trick. However, it turned out that Danny had gotten the fire extinguisher, which he used on Falcon to save him from getting burned.

The prosecution, Ms. Chilton, then told the judge that Falcon was not fit to be a role model for Danny as his actions proved otherwise. She reminded them that parenting was all about self-sacrifice and protection.

However, Peter and Jared decided to submit an amended file for reverse adoption, claiming that Danny clearly exhibited that he was capable of guiding Falcon, as he had exhibited heroism and self-sacrifice. Therefore, the judge ruled that Danny could adopt Falcon as his son.

However, when they got to Falcon’s house, they were greeted by Mr. Westin, the chairman of the board of Casa Del Palms, who told them that since Falcon had tested positive for drugs, both Danny and Falcon had to be evicted.

Thanks to Dan Mundy’s (Anthony Ordonez) suggestion that Falcon might have been framed, both Jared and Franklin realized that the only reason Falcon had tested positive for drugs was because his heart burn medicine had tested false positive for amphetamines. To further prove their point, Jared and Peter had gotten twenty other volunteers to take a drug test, and it turned out that they did test false positive for drugs because of the prescription medicine that they have to take every day.

However, at this, Mr. Westin decided to evict everyone else, as the bylaws stated that if a resident tested positive for drugs, then he or she must be evicted. Jared then moved to change the bylaws and proceeded to give a speech to convince four people on the board to vote for them, as they only needed four votes out of five to win their case.

Jared then told them that even if Falcon was unruly at times, he only did this because he wanted to have fun and live, just like everyone else there wanted to do. He also told them that they aren’t afraid of Danny and Falcon, but they were afraid of Mr. Westin, as Mr. Westin knew information about the other board members that he could use as leverage against them. One by one, starting with Nanette, they stood up against Mr. Westin and voted to let Danny, Falcon and the twenty other residents stay at Casa Del Palms and openly admitted to things that Westin held against them.

Anita and Damien met Erica Boyd, who told them that she had proof that she would have won the grant, as she had an affidavit proving that she had all the votes in line, but she didn’t win the money as she had failed to show up due to the canceled flight. She had tried to book another flight, but all the other flights were full. According to Go West Airlines, they stated that the reason the flight was cancelled was due to an Act of God.

However, Anita did a little research and found out that the airline had revised their terms four months ago to include mechanical failure as an Act of God, which was the main reason why the flight was cancelled, and Erica did not know this because she had bought the ticket six months ago. However, when she did sign into the kiosk, she had unknowingly agreed to these new terms. After consulting with Stanton, he told them that since Go West had said placed the term “Act of God” into a contract, they should “hold them to it.”

At the hearing, the representative of Go West Airlines told them that Acts of God were defined as unforseeable and unpredictable events, which was why mechanical failure was placed under that heading. However, Anita argued that they were just covering up for their own negligence and that it should be the airline’s responsibility to check that the airplane was sound. Because of this, the judge told them that the motion to dismiss was denied.

After this session, Anita ran into Jared and Peter, who asked her how everything was going with Damien. She then told them that she found him smart and fun and told them that unlike them, Damien allows her to argue in court.

At the office, Anita was surprised when she saw Damien shaking hands with the lawyer from Go West Airlines. Damien told her that they had agreed to a settlement, and Erica had agreed as well, as no jury would go against an airline that that was trying to make sure that their passengers were safe. Anita became disappointed with Damien who told her that she was getting obsessed over the case, as she had claimed to miss a wedding because Go West had canceled her flight before. However, she told him that she was disappointed because Peter and Jared wouldn’t have settled but would have gone all the way for their clients.

At the hearing, Damien told the judge that they had not agreed on a settlement, as they were missing the “expert authority” on things relating to Acts of God — God Himself. In the judge’s chambers, Damien told the judge that only God could tell whether something was an act of God or not. Because of this, they learned that the one who had changed the rules was the Head of the Risk Department, a man called Ted Davis, whom they later procured as a witness.

In court, it was revealed that the mechanical failure was in reality a clogged toilet, which had been listed as a “leakage.” It was only a mechanical failure in the revised terms, and that it could have been fixed with a wrench, therefore making it not an Act of God but an “Act of Ted.” Because of this, they won their case, and Erica, who was overjoyed, decided to name a new form of yeast after Damien. Afterwards, Anita revealed that the wedding she had missed was the “Game of Thrones” Red Wedding scene and that as her ex-fiance had spoiled it for her, which had resulted to them breaking up with each other.

Meanwhile, while everything was happening, Ellen was determined to make the Young Leadership Committee work. At the very first meeting, only four people had shown up, including Anita. However, they disappeared one by one, as one mistook the meeting for another meeting, and Ellen kicked the other one out. Anita, who stayed, then had to leave for court, as Damien had wanted them to be early at court.

A little while later, when she passed by the office, Ellen was surprised to find Dan Mundy inside. He claimed that he was there for the Young Leadership Committee meeting, but Ellen told him that it was cancelled.

Afterwards, Anita approached Ellen and told her that she had some great ideas for the committee, only to find out that Ellen had dissolved the committee. Anita tried to open up to Ellen, but she shut Anita down and continued to shred documents. Anita then told Ellen that she never lets anybody in, and it was a shame because she really wanted to get to know her. Anita then invited Ellen for a drink, to which she agreed, but told Anita that she was treating her out.

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