Franklin & Bash Recap: Good Cop/Bad Cop

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Franklin & Bash Recap: Good Cop/Bad Cop
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“Franklin & Bash” Season 4 Episode 4 “Good Cop/Bad Cop” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. In this episode, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) tried to help their client, Dewey Barber (Daniel Roebuck), from the rich Mr. Harcourt. However, this proves to be difficult, as Officer Mueller (Vincent Ventresca), a dirty cop hired by Harcourt to intimidate others, has it out for them. Meanwhile, Damien Karp (Reed Diamond), the nephew of Franklin and Bash’s boss Infield Stanton (Malcolm McDowell), tried to prove to his uncle that he was capable of standing up on his own and didn’t need his help. Read on to learn more about this episode.

For this week’s case, Franklin and Bash had to help their client, Dewey Barber, reclaim his land after Mr. Harcourt had encroached upon it and had built his own property upon it, as Barber had been away for five years. Not only that, but he bought most of the properties along the beach as well. However, this land belonged to Barber, as he had inherited it from his grandfather.

The trio set up camp on the beach in front of Harcourt’s property that was really Barber’s. However, they were given a trespassing ticket by Officer Mueller. It turned out that this was Franklin and Bash’s plan. It turned out that the limit to bring the case up as a civil case expired tomorrow. They needed Barber to get ticketed for trespassing on Harcourt’s property so that they could bring Barber’s case of adverse possession in front of a criminal court.

Afterwards, the trio and Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) continued to party at Franklin and Bash’s place, culminating in a lobster race. Officer Mueller paid them a visit, asking if they were racing lobsters, because that would be illegal.

Instead of ending up in a criminal court, they ended up in a traffic court, where the duo presented evidence that the property was truly Barber’s. The prosecution argued that traffic court was not the place to settle a property dispute, but as the evidence Franklin and Bash gave the judge was a selfie of Barber in front of a speedometer claiming that gummy worms were responsible for his DUI charge, the judge moved to bring the matter to trial. Afterwards, the duo noticed that Officer Mueller was present at court. Later on, the two were pulled over by Mueller who gave them several unwarranted tickets. The duo then realized that Mueller was really out to get them.

At the office, while discussing the case with Barber, they found out that Barber had once written Harcourt a note, telling him that he did not like the fact that Harcourt had construction pipes on his property. However, Barber himself did not have a copy of this note on hand, especially as he wrote it on the side of a Tequila case.

At the courthouse, Bash coincidentally ran into one of his ex-girlfriends, Officer Wendy Cowell (Kat Foster), and tried to get her help to investigate Mueller. However, she refused.

The two were surprised when they got back home, as two officers of the Department of Fishing and Game were there on a tip that there was animal cruelty due to their lobster race. Mueller then appeared and added illegal poaching to the charges.

The two ended up in jail, who were not having the time of their lives as some of their cellmates were friendly with Mueller. Anita brought them some toiletries and informed them that they were working on their bail, and they would be free in a few hours. They told Anita to check out Mueller to see why he did not like the duo so much. Anita smiled and thanked them for helping her “get back in the game.”  The next day, they were let off by the judge easily with a warning, but Anita informed them that they needed to get to court in four minutes for Barber’s case. The duo did not have their phones or clothes, as the Los Angeles Police Department had lost them.

At Barber’s hearing, they tried to bring the written note into play. It turned out that Harcourt did have the note, but it was unreadable. Thus, it could not be used as concrete evidence in the case. Back at the office, Anita discovered that Mueller had written up around eleven trespassing violations in the past two years, and there was photographic evidence that Mueller was moonlighting as Harcourt’s private “beach cop.” Since he was paying a cop to scare away people from his property, it was clearly a case of “unclean hands,” meaning that the land was obtained illegally. Therefore, the land is still Barber’s. However, they still needed proof.

That night, Wendy and Bash rekindled their romance, as they looked at pictures of dirty cop Mueller. Later on, Wendy agreed to help them take Mueller down.

The next day, Franklin and Bash committed an illegal activity by deliberately standing in front of Harcourt’s driveway, until Officer Wendy Cowell came. She took care of Bash by tazering him in the leg and by handcuffing him. Impressed, Harcourt immediately asked Wendy if she would like to work for him sometimes in security, just like Mueller. However, Mueller found out and warned them that life would be pretty tough for Wendy if she testified against Mueller, as the force does not treat kindly those that go against their own. However, Wendy, unfazed, said that she was still willing to testify.

The next day, at court, the duo pushed the “unclean hands” card by having Wendy testify. They used Bash and Wendy’s emotional attachments to their advantage, as Bash ended up treating her as a hostile witness who could only answer yes or no to his questions. She agreed that Harcourt had wanted to hire to help him out with his own private security, which was caught on tape — thanks to Wendy’s dashboard camera. However, they were off the bait with Mueller’s name so that Wendy would not have to regret the consequences at work. Because of this, they won the case, and Barber got his property back.

At their victory party, Wendy and Bash danced together. Before she left, she gave him her number, telling him to call her sometime.

While all of this was happening, Franklin and Bash’s boss, Infield Stanton (Malcolm McDowell), and his nephew Damien Karp (Reed Diamond) were at odds with each other, as Damien wanted to prove to his uncle that he did not need his uncle’s help.

The two ended up fighting for possession of the same client, Mr. Sato. Stanton played out his cards well, as he told Mr. Sato that Damien had some problems as he was addicted to self-pleasure and had a tendency to be quite violent. Afterwards, Damien confronted his uncle, telling him that Mr. Sato wanted to be his client. He wanted Damien to travel with him, but he was going to turn him down. However, before Damien left the building, Franklin mentioned that Stanton had gone “scorched earth” on him.

The next day, Damien hugged his uncle, who was surprised. It turned out that Damien talked to Mr. Sato again, who revealed that despite hearing the scandalous truth about Damien, Sato still wanted Damien to represent him. Damien was overjoyed as he was able to prove to his uncle that he doesn’t need his uncle’s help, to which Stanton agreed. However, Damien said that he had called Sato, saying that he would still want to represent him, to which Sato replied that he would think about it. Stanton then revealed that Sato had indeed thought about it and had signed with Stanton that very morning, leaving Damien speechless.

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