Franklin and Bash Recap: Honor Thy Mother

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Franklin and Bash Recap: Honor Thy Mother
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“Franklin and Bash” Season 4 Episode 7 “Honor Thy Mother” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. In this episode, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) tried to save a diner from ruin after a health inspector gave them a C grade. Peter and Franklin’s old roommate and colleague, Pindar, returned and told the boys that he was getting married to a woman who looked like Carmen Electra. Jared, on the other hand, felt guilty as he had done something that threatened his friendship with. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Jared Franklin waking up in horror, as he realized that he had slept with Peter’s mother, Colleen (Jane Seymour), after their crazy beach party. Colleen, however, told Jared that it was a one-night deal so that he could finally focus on other women besides Ellen Swatello, his ex-girlfriend. Peter then popped up to say good morning to Jared, who immediately freaked out.

The two of them decided to get breakfast at their favorite diner, the D & D Diner, that was created out of an old train diner carriage. The two noticed that there weren’t a lot of customers, and the owner and waitress, Tara, told them that “they took a hit” since the Health Inspector graded them a C. Peter and Jared then decided to take on the diner’s case and suggested that they appeal for a better grade. The two boys then got a text from their ex-housemate, Pindar, who said that he would be returning. Because of this, they decided to throw Pindar a surprise party.

While there, Pindar asked Peter if his mom was around because the bathroom smelled like patchouli, which is Colleen’s favorite. However, Dan Mundy showed up and said that it was his. Pindar was introduced to Dan, who currently stays in Pindar’s old room, but the two seemed to hit it off. Pindar also told them that he returned to Los Angeles because he was getting married to Bridgette Barnes (Carmen Electra), a girl in Europe who was asking for money from him. The two did not believe him, most especially when he showed them her picture, as she looked very much like Carmen Electra. They then asked Dan to use his investigative skills to find out more about Bridget to see if she really does exist.

The next morning, the duo met with Tara and her brother Seth. He informed them that they had all the same problems as a rival diner, Ben’s Red Hots, had, but that diner had gotten a better grade than them. He also showed them pictures that proved that the Health Inspector, Hank, was friends with the owner of Ben’s Red Hots. Seth also revealed that Eckhart Smitts, a big-time burger restaurant owner was offering to buy the diner from them. Then for a moment, they all reminisced, as Jared and Peter used to go there with Colleen back when Tara and Seth’s mother was still alive. Both Tara and Seth remembered that their mother loved Jared, and Peter replied that Colleen’s favorite was also Jared. However, all the mom talk made Jared feel uncomfortable, so he asked them to stop talking about mothers.

The duo then confronted the Health Inspector and accused him of being biased towards Ben’s Red Hots. However, Hank told his supervisor that while the diner had complied with some of the violations, there was a cockroach infestation. Hank’s supervisor, annoyed at the accusation and horrified that D & D had cockroaches, decided to close the diner down until further notice.

At the diner, the pair recruited Dan to be their forensic entomologist’to discover more about the cockroaches. While they were there, Eckhart Smitts, a restaurant owner, came by to check on the diner. It turned out that he knew Peter and Jared, as they had sued him in 2004 regarding dipping sauce that came with the hot wings when you order it in the driver through. He then told the siblings, Seth and Tara, that he loved their mother and would never screw their mother, as a “friend would never do that to a friend” and told them that his offer still stood. However, what he said just reminded Jared of what he had done.

Dan then informed them that the cockroach that they had found was from Thailand, which meant that someone had planted the cockroaches in the diner.

At court, they presented the jar of cockroaches as evidence, saying that it was planted there. However, they could not say who had actually planted the cockroaches. Colleen then entered the courtroom because she had jury duty, and since they were on lunch break, she wanted to see Peter. However, her presence startled Jared, causing him to drop the jar, which shattered, which caused the cockroaches in the jar to go everywhere. The judge, who was not amused at this, ruled that the diner would remain closed until they discovered where the cockroaches came from.

At the office, Jared decided to seek the advice of his boss, Infeld Stanton (Malcolm McDowell), who promised that whatever he said would be held in the strictest confidence. Infeld had actually guessed rightly what had happened and told Jared to tell Peter about it, even if it meant that their friendship would end. Jared then decided not to tell Peter, but Infeld told him that now he would have to tell Peter since Jared had told him. Jared then told Infeld that he would tell Peter. Infeld then added that Damien Karp (Reed Diamond), his nephew, was coming back to work for them that day.

As Peter and Dan rode the elevator up to the office, Dan informed Peter that the invoices for the cockroaches, oddly enough, came from the diner itself. He also informed him that Pindar’s fiancee was arriving the next day. Peter then said that he would have to tell Jared, whom Dan said would most likely be “sniffing around Swatello’s office.” However, he took it back as he realized that Ellen had been in Cincinnati the entire week. Then Peter realized that the woman Jared had slept with was his mother.

Seeing the look on Peter’s face, Infeld called for an emergency fire drill in which everyone but Peter and Jared left. Jared told Peter the truth and that he was really sorry. However, Peter kept his emotions in and told him to treat Colleen right. Jared felt tortured and just wanted Peter to hit him. However, Damien had heard the entire thing, so whatever comeback or insult Jared had was topped by a remark on how he had slept with Peter’s mother or with a mom joke.

The next day, the duo confronted Seth and Tara about the cockroaches, and Tara revealed that she had planted the cockroaches in an attempt to ruin the family business. She did this because for the longest time, she was the one handling the entire operation, while Seth went off to college and worked elsewhere. In reality, she only wanted some help. However, they had already decided to sell the diner to Eckhart. Jared, however, discovered that there was a trapdoor in the document that if D & D failed to produce 40 percent profit within three months, the diner could be repurposed by Eckhart.

Meanwhile, Jared was surprised to see that Colleen was at their house, cooking dinner with Peter. Peter just said that he wanted all of them to have a nice semiromantic dinner and watch a movie all together afterwards, to which Jared agreed to. Jared offered Colleen some more wine, who said that she couldn’t as she was driving. However, Jared told her to stay the night. The two then threw barbs at each other, and at one point, Peter said that he would be fine with Jared as his stepdad. Colleen then decided to leave and said that it was her fault, as she should have recommended Jared to another therapist. In the hallway, Colleen said that she did not want anyone to get hurt, but Peter assured her that they could handle it as they were all adults. To this, she just replied, “Are you sure about that?”

The next morning, Infeld called Peter in and inquired about his mental health, especially after the revelation of what Jared had done. Infeld told him that he was sorry about the fate of D & D, as it reminded him of the old dining cars he used to ride as a little boy. He also told Peter to stop repressing his feelings, as that was not very healthy. Because of this, Peter came up with an idea to save the diner, which he immediately told Jared.

At the Landmark Commission, Peter and Jared argued that since the diner was really a diner car from an old hicky down train, the diner should be protected by the landmark commission as a historical and cultural landmark, especially as many historical figures had eaten there. However, Eckhart disagreed. Peter argued that what was important was the people who came there before, such as himself and Jared, and his mother. Then Peter finally exploded and got mad at Jared, revealing to everyone that Jared had slept with his mother. Peter told him that he felt betrayed because no one’s best friend would ever do that. Jared, however, kept on apologizing, especially as he values their friendship very much, and the fact that Peter would not hurt him had been torturing him all this time. However, Eckhart told the commission that the two were performance artists and that it was all a ploy for sympathy. The duo quickly turned the tables around by using their emotional breakdown as an allegory for what Eckhart was planning to do — to use his friendship with Seth and Tara’s late mother in order to get the diner for his own purposes — something a friend should never do. Because of this, the Landmark Commission decided in favor to make the diner a historical landmark.

At the house, the boys threw a party as Pindar’s fiancee was coming. However, they still did not believe Pindar and Peter had alerted immigrations, just in case. However, she did show up, and she did look like Carmen Electra. However, ICE agents came in, as Peter had alerted them, but Dan settled the matter quickly. However, he would not reveal what he had said, as it was classified.

Later, Jared and Peter lined up to get a seat at the D & D Diner, whose business was now booming, and there was a long line waiting for people to get in.

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