Franklin & Bash Recap: Red or Black

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Franklin & Bash Recap: Red or Black
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“Franklin & Bash” Season 4 Episode 10 “Red or Black” aired last Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, at 10:00 PM on TNT. In the season finale of Season 4, Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Dan Mundy (Anthony Ordonez) traveled to Las Vegas in order to help their boss, Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell), thwart destiny, as he believed that he was going to die, as a result of a reading that his family seer had given him when he was younger.  Meanwhile, Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) and Damien Karp (Diamond Reed) struggled to make sure that their personal lives did not affect their professional ones, especially as they were dating and working against each other on a case. Read on to learn more about the episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) were instructed by their boss, Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell), who was in Las Vegas, to help him open his voice-activated safe. They were then instructed not to open the briefcase that was found in the safe and to bring it to him at the Desert Opal Casino in Las Vegas, as it was a matter of life and death. However, as they were on the no-fly list and they did not have a car, they decided to ask their roommate and the firm’s private investigator, Dan Mundy (Anthony Ordonez), to bring them to Las Vegas. At first, he was reluctant, as he claimed that he never goes to Las Vegas. He then opened the briefcase, and they were astounded by the $150,000 inside. He got his car, which he called “the Dragon,” ready. Jared then told Ellen Swatello (Rhea Seehorn), whom he used to date, that he could not help her out anymore with the case they were working on together as he had to leave for a while. Before Jared left, she told him that The Chive, a magazine, had called her up and asked about his relationship with Bonnie Appel (Danielle Panabaker), as she was secretly jealous of their budding relationship.

Meanwhile, Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) and Damien Karp (Diamond Reed) met up with Human Resources in order to fill up their interoffice relationship forms. They then promised each other that they would never let their romantic relationship with each other get in the way of their professional lives and that the client will always come first.

This was immediately put to test as Anita began to represent an artist whose girlfriend was reselling his artwork, and Damien began to represent the girlfriend who was reselling the artwork of Anita’s client. As they could not agree on who should be their firm’s client, they decided to let their clients decide for them. As they both wanted to retain the services of the firm, they gave the couple two options — they could settle the matter at court, or they could mediate it in the office, to which the couple chose the latter option. However, as Anita and Damien tried to mediate, they started arguing with each other and told their clients that they had run out of options and that they would be going to court. However, later that afternoon, their clients surprised them when they appeared late for their hearing. They told them that seeing Anita and Damien argue with each other that morning made them realized that they could just talk things through with each other, as they truly loved each other. This made them also realize that they had unwittingly let their personal feelings affect the case. They then breathed huge sighs of relief when they learned that Human Resources had told them that they had been approved to date one another.

Meanwhile, at the office, Ellen was bothered by the fact that Jared had gone to Las Vegas with Peter. She had learned this from Anita, who joked around that the duo might finally get married. Because of this, Ellen became anxious to the point that she called up Bonnie’s office to see if she was in. She got even more worried when she learned that Bonnie was out of town for that week.

At the Desert Opal Casino, Stanton introduced them to the owner of the Casino, who welcomed them and told them to feel free to use any of the Silver Ridge Group Casinos and Hotels.

Stanton then told them that he would die in less than 48 hours. He told them that on his ninth birthday, the family seer had predicted his future. The seer told him that he “would pursue justice and fight for the rights of the depraved,” which was why he became a lawyer and that he would die in his “66tt year, in the city of sin, by a noble fish.” As Peter and Jared could not bring themselves to believe in this, Stanton allowed them to use the $150,000 in his briefcase.

Dan, Peter and Jared started to play at the Blackjack table, where Dan kept on getting freebies such as vodka smoothies, Celine Dion CDs sent to their room, and a meet and greet with a clown from Cirque du Soleil. However, Jared and Peter did not seem to mind, especially as they had extraordinary good luck that night and won the grand prize — the guitar that Elvis himself had played. However, their happiness soon dwindled as they were called to the “Blue Room” or security room of the casino. There, Roland, the owner of the casino, told them that they were being charged of stealing from them, as they had used a method called the Wong Method in order to win the jackpot prize. Stanton then came in and told Roland not to speak to Dan, Peter and Jared again as he was now their lawyer.

Afterwards, Stanton revealed that he had been invited to a fancy dinner the next day and that he would die tomorrow as the main dish of the dinner was Fugu, a fish that, if not correctly prepared, could turn out to be fatal because it contains poison. As Jared and Peter continued not to believe in the family seer, Stanton then showed them a card he had gotten in the mail, postmarked to his ninth birthday. The card had told Stanton that “two godlike figures of sharp tongue and immortal charm shall voyage the desert in the belly of a dragon to distract you from your destiny.” They then realized that the “godlike figures” were Peter and Jared, who had gone across the desert from California to Las Vegas and that they did ride in a dragon, as that was what Dan called his car. Because of this, they started to believe that Stanton was indeed telling the truth.

A little while later, Dan confessed that he was the reason they had been jailed as he knew the Wong Method and had used that in order to let Jared and Peter win. It turned out that he had been obsessed with breaking the Blackjack system and had placed himself on the self ban list from several casinos, which did not include the Desert Opal.

The next day, at court, Peter and Jared, after being told that Stanton was not going to go to court, realized that this was his way of trying to get them from thwarting his destiny, especially as the District Attorney was not ready to give them any fines or any jail time as long as they pled guilty and left the city. However, as they wanted to prove to Stanton that the seer was not right, they pled not guilty and tried to look for evidence that would prove that they had been targeted by the casino.

As the court was in recess, the duo helped Stanton pick out a coffin at the chapel nearby. All of a sudden, Ellen came bursting in, looking for Bonnie and asked why Stanton was in a coffin. She then felt quite embarrassed after Jared told her that Bonnie was in California. After she realized that she had made a mistake, she decided to leave, leaving Jared speechless.

Later that night at the casino, Peter asked why Jared had not said anything to Ellen, as she was the one that got away. Then, to their surprise, they saw Dan with a vodka smoothie, playing his hand at Blackjack. Dan then realized that he had no more money on him, except for a chip from the Golden Oasis. The dealer then told him that he could use it to bet, as the Golden Oasis was owned by the Silver Ridge Group. This made Jared and Peter realized that they, or rather Dan, had been targeted from the moment he had stepped into the casino, which was why he got drinks faster than they did, and that was the reason why he was getting so many free things. They had realized this as the Golden Oasis, which was owned by the same owners of the Desert Opal, was one of the casinos that Dan had banned himself from. However, they had slipped up as the dealer had allowed him to bet with a chip from the Golden Oasis. Because of this, Roland dropped the charges, and Peter got to keep Elvis’ guitar.

The duo then rushed to thwart Stanton’s destiny, as Peter ate the Fugu fish on Stanton’s plate. He then told him that his seer was wrong since Peter had eaten the Fugu fish and was still fine. Just to double check, Stanton ate a Fugu fish from his neighbor’s plate. However, he discovered that he was still alive.

Peter then started having a panic attack, as he thought that the Fugu fish was poisonous, but he was soon calmed down by Jared. Jared, on the other hand, managed to catch Ellen before she left Las Vegas. He then told her that she was adorable for thinking that he was going to marry Bonnie in Las Vegas, and the two reconciled with a kiss. Jared then told her that he wanted their relationship to work out.

Later at the casino, Peter told Jared that he got a call from The Chive, who wanted them to work for them as their legal counsel. However, that meant that they would have to move to Austin. Peter was delighted at the prospect of moving, but Jared had misgivings, as the firm that they were currently working for already had their names on it and because of his relationship with Ellen.

Meanwhile, in his suite, Stanton was surprised as Damien had come to visit him. Peter and Jared had told him that he was dying. The two enjoyed a drink before Damien left. Stanton, enjoying a new chance at life, decided to eat a cracker, only to choke on it and only realize that he ate a fish cracker from a can labeled “The Noble Fish.”

Back at the casino, Peter realized that everything was happening one after the other to them because they were in Las Vegas. They then decided to settle the decision on whether they worked for The Chive or stayed at the firm with a game of Roulette. However, just as the ball fell into the slot, the scene faded to black.

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