Franklin & Bash Recap: Spirits in the Material World

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Franklin & Bash Recap: Spirits in the Material World
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“Franklin & Bash” Season 4 Episode 9 “Spirits in the Material World” aired last Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. In this episode, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaer) represented two clients with regards to a hotel that they had bought that might just be haunted. Meanwhile, Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) met her law school best friend turned enemy at a Moot Court Reunion and squared off with her to settle the score once and for all. Read on to learn more about this episode. 

The episode opened with Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) were being filmed by the firm’s investigator, Dan Mundy (Anthony Ordonez), for their submission to the Chive’s Lawyer of the Year Award. However, they were interrupted by Damien Karp (Reed Diamond), who forced himself into the video to ask for some help regarding the Andrews Class Action Suit he was handling. However, their boss, Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell) interrupted them as he needed Peter and Jared for two new interesting clients that they would be handling. He also allowed Dan to film them for their Chive’s Lawyer or the Year Award.

Inside the conference room, they met the Parkers, who were filing for bankruptcy. They told them that it had been their dream to buy an old hotel and refurbish it, but their recent project, the Heathbrooke Hotel, was a problem as it was haunted. They experienced weird smells, unexplained voices, and their painting job had been ruined, as it had been repainted with strange figures in red, even if all the windows and doors were closed. It got so bad that they hired different contractors — all who had left the project. During their story, Peter was visibly scared, but Jared convinced him that they should take the case, as they needed their help. Before the couple left, they asked if they knew if the house had any history of violence or psychological disturbance, but they said that Freddie Silmus, the real estate developer who had sold them the property, did not mention anything.

A little bit later on, they met their old law clerk turned lawyer, Bonnie Appel (Danielle Panabaker), who was there to give them their interrogatories and their first rounds of admissions, as she was going against them, as she was representing Freddie Silmus.

At home, Peter stumbled over the boxes that Bonnie had sent. When Dan asked Peter for a grapefruit from the refrigerator, Peter was startled to see Jared inside, who was trying to desensitize Peter for the sake of their case. Dan also informed them that he was trying to get in touch with a paranormal investigative group he knew to help him figure out if the hotel was really haunted and was instructed to do a background check on the hotel.

The next morning, both Jared and Peter crashed in on Freddie’s morning golf practice, who revealed that she did know that the hotel was haunted and called security to kick them both out.

Meanwhile, Damien met up with Anita Haskins (Toni Trucks) who did not want to work on the Andrews class action suit with him and was looking for a good excuse to miss out on her Moot Court Reunion, as her ex-best friend in law school, Cheryl Cotch, would be there. At the reunion, the two girls said some words against each other, in which Anito brought up the fact that Cheryl had won the Moot Court because she had stolen her research. Because of this, Damien suggested that they have a grudge match and retry the Moot Court.

Back at the office, after startling Peter, Stanton told them to devote every resource on the Parker case and told them to update him on any supernatural developments, as he had a renewed interest in it. Back at home, Dan introduced them to Lisa Englender, an expert tracker who had set up cameras all over the hotel in order to determine if it was really haunted. While they watched and listened, Jared, Lisa and Dan heard a sound that sounded like"‘trepidation," which Lisa took to be a warning. Jared and Peter then decided to show the tape to the jury, as if they became as scared as Peter was, then they would have won their case. However, in order to verify things, they had to go and check it out themselves. At the hotel, Dan and Jared went in, leaving a very scared Peter outside. However, after a few minutes inside, the pair, scared, decided to leave the hotel. However, after they left, the camera panned to the side, where a dark shadow quickly went across the room.

At court, Bonnie bested Peter and Jared as the judge ruled in her favor not to allow Lisa to be a witness, as ghost hunting was not an exact science. Peter and Jared also got fined  with $2,500 each for approaching Freddie, knowing that she already had a lawyer.

Peter then had Dan track down Arena Cruzkul, who had originally sold Freddie the hotel and who hopefully would know something about the haunted history of the hotel. Dan was able to track down her granddaughter, who told him that her grandmother, who had sold the house to Freddie, had said that it was haunted and that something horrible had happened there in the summer of 1927. Dan then stole a journal that he found in Arena’s apartment, and Stanton was able to translate it for them as the journal was in Romani, and he knew the language. He told them that it was the diary of a 10-year-old girl and that there were pages missing around the time of the summer of 1927. After they left his office, Stanton found a scary looking envelope on his desk and its contents left him looking grim.

That night, Bonnie attended one of the boys’ house parties and spent some quality time with Jared and asked for some advice as she did not really like her client — Freddie Silmus. He then advised her to compartmentalize.

Meanwhile, the retry of the Moot Court came to order, with Damien as one of the judges. Despite their research on the case that they had stated earlier, they changed the topic to address the question of confidentiality between best friends. Anita was assigned to the positive side, while Cheryl took the negative side. The two argued well, but after a while, it became clear that the argument was becoming personal, as the topic definitely hit home. After their arguments, Cheryl gave Anita a glass of wine and asked if they could just bury the hatched and be friends. However, Anita refused as she wanted to win, and she wanted Cheryl to admit that she had stolen her research, which allowed her to win Moot Court in 2009. Cheryl admitted that she had stolen her research as Anita already had an internship at that time. She then decided to forfeit, as she really truly wanted to be friends with Anita again. However, Anita insisted that they should know who had won, but Damien just adjourned the court.

Meanwhile, Peter and Jared ran into trouble again, as Bonnie had filed that they could not allow “hearsay,” Arena’s testimony, at court. At the office, Dan was buried in a pile of paperwork that Bonnie had sent in, but he had found a pattern with Freddie’s other deals and handed a piece of paper to Jared. They then agreed that if they “couldn’t bring the ghost to the court,” they would “bring the court to the ghost.”

At court, it was revealed that Freddie had known that the place was indeed haunted, two years after she had sold the property out the Parkers. Jared then presented her Riverside Oakers project, where work was stopped for a while because of a “foul smell” that came from the house. However, she maintained that there was nothing like that at Heathbrooke. Peter and Jared then suggested that they all go to Heathbrooke so that they could experience it for themselves. Before they left, Dan gave Jared a piece of paper, which made him immensely happy.

At the hotel, the judge and the jury became scared when the blinds suddenly fell down, and the lights flickered. The judge was even more surprised to see an old woman behind him. However, Peter and Jared presented their witness, Arena Lacha Cruzkul, the woman who had sold Freddie the property. They had thought she was dead, but then they had learned that she was on a cruise tour at the moment. She then told them that she was a witness to what had happened there in the summer of 1927. She had not accompanied her best friend, Alana, to the beach that day. Alana rode the trolley to the beach, but she had unfortunately fell and was brought to the hotel, where Arena lived with her father, who was a doctor. He tried to save her using a trepanning saw, but she had unfortunately died. She also maintained that the pages detailing this were ripped out by Alana or by her ghost. The judge then ruled in the Parkers favor, causing Freddie to pay for everything the Parkers had lost — their legal fees and a ticket for Arena to continue her cruise — and asked if they could borrow the place for one more night.

They then threw a victory party in which the president of The Chive came. Anita then found out that she had actually lost the Moot Court, but she did win the Chive Lawyer of the Year, as Damien had submitted her video of her best comeback at Cheryl. After Peter asked him if he and Jared were in the top ten, they were only told that they never consider duo submissions.

While Jared and Bonnie hooked up, as well as Dan and Lisa, Stanton informed Peter that he would be leaving for a while but could not say when he would be coming back. After Bonnie left for the night, Peter bet Jared that he and Bonnie would only last for a week.

As Dan and Lisa hooked up while watching footage of the hotel, a dark shadow quickly flitted across the screen and went closer to the camera before the footage went dark.

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