‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Recap: Persistent Romeo

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Recap: Persistent Romeo
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“Fresh Off the Boat” Episode 5 “Persistent Romeo” aired last Feb. 17, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. The episode kicks off with the cool kids inviting Eddie Huang to have a sleepover party with them. Read on to know their agenda for the night.

The kids are going to read dirty magazines. Eddie is so excited, especially that he is finally having friends.

However, Jessica does not allow Eddie. She suddenly brings up pedophiles, based on what she has watched on “The Nightly News.” Eddie explains that his mother spent a lot of her time working and hanging out with friends back in Washington, DC. When they moved to Florida, she stays at the house all the time and does the simplest yet tedious things. That is why she has a lot of time on her hands to watch the late-night news.

While having dinner, Jessica talks to Louis about what she has watched on “The Nightly News.” She explains the risk of sexual harassment on business. Louis stops her when she started to talk about sex because of the kids eating on the table.

The next day, Jessica facilitates a sexual harassment seminar for the employees at Louis’ Cattleman’s Ranch restaurant. As the discussion goes on, she slowly criticizes the physical appearances of the workers. Louis drags her away from the employees.

Since Eddie is not allowed to spend the night at somebody else’s place, he invites his friends instead to have the party at his house. He promises dirty videos. The cool kids are excited.

Eddie goes to the video rental shop with Emery and Evan. He wears his grandmother’s purple jacket to make himself look older. He makes his brothers distract other people by throwing raisins on the floor and doing push-ups. When he attempted to enter the adults’ section, one of the cool kids spots him. The kid makes fun of him for lying that he already has sex videos at home.

Back to Louis’ sexual harassment seminar, he introduces a professional named Dusty Nuggets. Dusty introduces himself as a frequent offender of sexual harassment. When the waitress Nancy said that sexual harassment is bad, Dusty approaches and hugs her. He attempts to kiss her. Turns out, he was just making a demonstration. He immediately turns away to ask if what was his mistake. Unfortunately, Nancy is swooned completely by Dusty that she falls on the floor after chasing his kiss.

Later, Eddie’s friends arrive at Huangs’ house. Jessica brings Emery and Evan to their grandmother’s room to avoid distracting the guests. Their grandmother asks them if they know how to play poker.

At Eddie’s room, the sexual harassment video tape Eddie found downstairs is used. The kids are not sure what harassment means, but one kid thinks it is dirty because he can find the word “ass.” Turns out, the video was made by Dusty. The clips only revolve around men trying to swoon or flirt with women in the office. However, the kids are completely turned on.

The next day at school, Eddie is surprised that the sexual harassment video tape was distributed to a lot of students. Almost everybody has a copy.

At the Cattleman’s Ranch, Jessica and Louis start to get annoyed by Dusty’s cockiness. In Chinese, the couple talks about how annoying and hateful Dusty is. However, Dusty can speak Chinese. He tells them in their native language that he is deeply hurt. Louis chases Dusty as he walks away.

Back to Eddie’s school, the video becomes an epidemic. Boys are flirting persistently with the girls. The principal notices the craziness. He calls Louis and Jessica after finding out that the tape is from Eddie. He gives a self-help book entitled “Flowers and Watering Cans.” He assures that it is child-friendly and approved by the district. He believes it can be helpful when parents talk to their kids about sex.

Meanwhile, Evan and Emery are playing poker with their grandmother. When grandma won, she wants to have Evan’s stuff toy. Evan immediately has a tantrum by pulling his hair while screaming in high pitch.

Upstairs, Louis tells Jessica that he will be the one to talk to Eddie. In Eddie’s bedroom, he talks about sex in an honest and outright manner. Eddie is very pleased with the dirty details.

Louis recommends Dusty to teach sex to children in Eddie’s school. Dusty creates a puppet show and says that the kids are free to ask any questions about sex to the puppet. One kids asks the puppet if it has a penis. The puppet says that it only has a watering can.

Eddie invites his friends for another sleepover. This time, he is going to talk about everything that his father has said to him.

There you have it for the recap on “Fresh Off the Boat” Episode 5 “Persistent Romeo,” which aired last Feb. 17, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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