‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Premiere Recap: The Cool Asian Boy Named Eddie Huang

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Premiere Recap: The Cool Asian Boy Named Eddie Huang
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Fresh Off the Boat” Premiere “Pilot” aired last Feb. 4, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. The episode kicks off with Eddie Huang trying on some hip hop clothes and accessories in a dressing room. Read on to know his mother’s reaction when he showed his look.

Jessica is waiting outside the dressing room with her two sons Emery and Evan. Eddie describes his look “fresh as hell” as soon as he comes out of the room. Jessica tells him to never mention the word “hell.” Eddie says that he wants her to buy it. When he showed the price tag, Jessica says that it is too expensive.

With headphones on, Eddie is disappointed with the move from Washington, DC’s Chinatown to Orlando, Florida. He frowns as he watches the view outside through the car window. Seeing that his father Louis and Evan are busy opening and closing their mouths, he takes off his headphones. Turns out, they were singing along with the song “The Sign” by Ace of Base. Eddie tells them to turn off the music.

Louis tells Eddie that he is aware that his eldest son is not thrilled with the idea of moving to Florida. However, he promises that Eddie will love the place. Eddie asks why do they have to move. Louis says that he does not want to work for Jessica’s brother anymore. Jessica sarcastically says that she loves to move to a place where they do not know anyone. She starts to complain about the humidity damaging her hair. Louis ignores her and boasts that his restaurant in Florida is “big, brown and beautiful.” Eddie excitedly asks if the restaurant is like Shaquille O’Neal. Jessica’s frown disappears when Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” plays on the radio. She sings along with Louis and Evan. Eddie wears his headphones again.

The family arrives at their new home. Eddie and Emery are not helping to unload the truck because they are busy surveying the neighborhood. The two siblings are disappointed that they are surrounded by white people. Emery asks Jessica if there is a Chinatown in Orlando. Jessica ignores him and insists that they must help.

Suddenly, a group of rollerblading moms go to the Huangs. They welcome them to the neighborhood and introduce themselves. The group’s leader Deidre is surprised that Jessica’s name is not exotic. She says that the name Jessica reminds her of a sorority sister that died long ago. She asks where they are from. Eddie answers that his parents are from Taiwan. Deidre is fascinated with Eddie’s “very good” English. She invites Jessica to come rollerblading with them.

In the Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse, Louis tours his family there. Jessica asks him where are all the customers. She scolds the only two customers who only ordered water. She insists them to buy beer. She thinks the food may have affected their popularity. Louis insists that the food is perfect. He trusts his thug-looking head chef and describes him as a genius.

After the kids left for school, Louis talks to Jessica about his idea. He thinks that they must hire a white host to boost their sales. He believes that white people feel comfortable with their own kind. He also thinks that a Chinese host looks wrong for a Western-themed restaurant. Jessica stares grumpily at him. Louis points out that her face is the exact reason why they must have a white host.

In the school’s cafeteria, Eddie asks the African kid if he can sit with him. After saying no, the kid let him but makes him promise to not talk to him because he hates children. He shares that his best friend is a 40-year-old man. Suddenly, a Caucasian kid invites Eddie to sit with his friends because he is also a fan of the rapper B.I.G., as seen on Eddie’s shirt. The African kid finds it strange that an Asian kid and a white kid bond over a black dude. However, when Eddie opened his lunch, the cool kids complained of its smell and worm-like appearance. They demand Eddie to leave the table. When Eddie returned to the previous table, he is asked to leave as well.

Meanwhile, Jessica is rollerblading with the neighborhood moms. Deidre is busy gossiping about somebody. When the school bus arrived, Jessica is excited to leave the moms. She meets Eddie and asks him how was school. Eddie complains about his lunch and demands for American food. Jessica wants him to try harder in adjusting because she also tried her best in tolerating the rollerblading moms, especially the one who was bringing a bag of dog poop. When Eddie walked out, Emery appears with a girlfriend. After the couple left, Evan shares that he had fun with a fat kid at school.

Louis interviews an applicant. He likes the Comic Sans font of the resume. The applicant suddenly compares the restaurant to another Western restaurant. Louis insists that his restaurant is original. When the applicant shared that he is a cat-person, Louis is so fascinated that he hires him.

The next day, Eddie throws his lunch before going to school. Emery sees him. The two agree that people in Orlando “suck.” However, Emery greets everyone who passes by.

In the restaurant, Louis is disappointed why there are still no customers. He gets scared thinking about his wife.

While having dinner, Jessica notices that Eddie eats too much. She finds out that Eddie did not eat his lunch. Eddie demands for “white people food,” so he can sit with other students. Jessica has no choice but to accompany Eddie to buy groceries. She feels uncomfortable walking through the aisles that make her feel like she is in a hospital. She misses the noisy and crowded Taiwanese markets. She describes the boxed foods “too American.” But when a saleslady offered her a free sample of tortilla chips, Jessica takes the whole bowl and puts it in the basket.

Louis is busy facilitating the commercial shoot for his restaurant. Jessica scolds him that it may be too expensive. She includes to the argument her messy hair because of the foreign weather. Louis tells her that he encountered the same problem with his hair, but he solved it using hair products. He leaves her to return to his tasks.

In the cafeteria, the African kid mocks Eddie’s chinky eyes. Everybody feels the tension.

Louis and Jessica are called to the principal’s office. The principal talks about suspension because of Eddie’s violent speech and behavior. However, Jessica scolds the principal for not defending her child. Louis tells the principal that being called a “chink” is never okay. Jessica thinks that it is unfair that the African kid’s parents are not called. The couple agrees that having a 40-year-old bestfriend sounds “fishy.” They threaten the principal that they will sue the school if their son is suspended. They emphasize that it is the American way. Suddenly, Louis gives a restaurant coupon to the principal.

Outside, Eddie asks his parents why they are not mad at him. Jessica says that they are proud that he managed to stand up for himself. Louis tells her that moving to Orlando will just make the family stronger. The cool kids see the Huangs trying to exit the playground. They move aside to make way for them.

“Yeah, son. A little bit of respect,” Eddie confidently tells the kids.

There you have it for the recap on “Fresh Off the Boat” Premiere “Pilot,” which aired last Feb. 4, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. Catch the next episode on Feb. 10, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lamonttroop

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