Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Success Perm

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Success Perm
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“Fresh Off the Boat” Episode 4 “Success Perm” aired last Feb. 10, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. The episode kicks off with Louis and Jessica Huang dreading the visit of Jessica’s mother, sister, Connie and brother-in-law, Steve. Read on to know their sentiments.

Jessica expects her family to criticize them. Louis remembers his bitter past as the salesman of Steve’s shop. Jessica thinks her sister is bitter about her being the mother’s favorite. The couple decides to pretend that they are a rich.

The Huangs proceed to clean the whole house before the guests arrive. While the parents are dreading the visit, Eddie is excited to see his favorite cousin, Justin. Justin was the one who introduced hip hop to him.

Evan and Emery ask if where they are sleeping during the visit. Jessica tells them to use the pantry. The kids ask why they cannot use the couch. Jessica says that they must hide the fact that they do not have enough rooms.

Louis and Jessica wait with their new hair perm near the driveway. They believe in the tradition that curly hair means wealth. When Jessica saw Connie running towards her, she notices that her breasts got larger. Louis is appalled to know that Steve was driving a separate car just to show off his new wheels. Steve also has hair perm.

Jessica becomes excited to see her mother. However, her mother completely ignores her. Connie tells Jessica that she is the new favorite ever since she left them.  Their mother calls Connie to help her get inside the house of a “stranger.”

Inside the house, Louis is busy talking about how successful his restaurant is. He tells Steve that his business is so busy that he has to buy a fax machine. Steve asks him why the machine is quiet. He proceeds to show Louis that he just installed his desktop computer to keep in touch with his business transactions online. After turning it on, the two men wait quietly for the screen to pop up. It takes a very long time that Louis has to go the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Louis’ mothers watch television together. Jessica’s mother says that the show they are watching is “garbage” because it is just O. J. Simpson’s impostor. Jessica appears to offer her mother a variety of teas, but her mother increases the TV’s volume.

Upstairs, Eddie is curious why Justin has changed into a gloomy, depressed-looking boy. Evan and Emery barge in and ask excitedly if they are having a rap party. Evan is so excited that he dances to MC Hammer’s moves. Eddie pushes them out. He asks Justin if he wants to listen to Tupac to boost his mood. Justin says that he is not into Tupac anymore because he believes the artist is “immature.” He makes Eddie listen to “real grown-up music” — Nirvana. Eddie says the woman singing is “terrible.”

In another room, the sisters are arguing who is better between them. They decided to have a showdown of who gets the fanciest yet cheapest bargains because they have known their mother as a sucker for discounts.

Downstairs, Louis and Steve are still waiting for the computer to completely turn on. Jessica pulls Louis towards her to tell him that they need a better plan. Louis tells Steve that they cannot wait to invite them to their restaurant tomorrow. Steve wants it later in the evening. Louis starts to worry because all of their parties will be tomorrow, which can make his restaurant appear crowded. Jessica tells Steve that the restaurant may be too crowded later that they will not be entertained. Steve says that he already has a reservation.

Louis calls his restaurant host Mitch to fill the restaurant with people later. Mitch tells him not to worry because somebody has already reserved the restaurant for 10 people. Louis gets exasperated and tells Mitch that his family of 10 is the guest tonight.

When Louis and his family arrived, Louis asks Mitch why there are only a few people. Mitch tells him that he has tried his best. He invited his two friends fresh from Renaissance fair, made his two co-employees pretend to be diners and scheduled a dinner date for himself. Steve suddenly interrupts and sarcastically tells Louis that the restaurant is crowded.

Before everybody settles on the table, Jessica appears with a new outfit. Louis asks her why she changed her clothes. Jessica tells him that she bought a lot of affordable clothes that she just could not choose. She proudly tells her mother that the jacket she is wearing was 80 percent off. Connie also appears with a new tennis outfit that was 85 percent off. Their mother just ignores them.

Steve asks Louis who is going to take their order. The waitress Nancy from the next table has no choice but to stand up and take their orders. Steve thought that she is a customer. Nancy unconsciously asks Louis if she should continue to pretend being a customer.

The sisters have changed their outfits again. Jessica accuses Connie of stealing her tiger-print shirt. Connie says she just found it and announces that her shirt is 100 percent off. Their mother finally notices Connie and commends her for the good bargain.

It is time for Connie’s family to travel back home. Connie admits to Jessica that it is hard to be their mother’s favorite. She says that it takes a lot of patience. Steve suddenly bursts in and announces that his Miata is stolen. He calls the police and demands to find his brand-new 1995 Miata.

The policeman tells Steve that its color “British racing green” is from the 1993 model. Louis points out to Steve that he knew all along that it was an old model. Steve tries to deny it, but the policeman tells him that he is passionate about Japanese sports cars. The policeman says that authorities towed Steve’s car because the owner was not paying it for a long time. Connie hears it and asks Steve if they are in debt. Steve says that they are out of cash. Justin overhears it and screams as he runs away in horror.

Outside, Louis helps Steve in loading his car with stuff. He gives him a Cattleman’s Ranch hat. Jessica tells her mother to have a safe trip. Her mother sweetly says, “Goodbye, stranger.” The sisters hug each other. Their mother calls Connie. Connie just rolls her eyes.

There you have it for the recap on “Fresh Off the Boat” Episode 4 “Success Perm,” which aired last Feb. 10, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. Catch the next episode on Feb. 17, 2015. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this show.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lamonttroop

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