Fresh Off the Boat Recap: The Shunning

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Fresh Off the Boat Recap: The Shunning
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“Fresh Off the Boat” Episode 3 “The Shunning” aired last Feb. 10, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. The episode kicks off with Jessica Huang watching “Melrose Place” with the neighborhood moms. Read on to know her thoughts about the show.

Jessica looks disgusted when she learned that the show is all about prostitution.

Eddie was walking peacefully along the school’s hallway when the cool kids suddenly laugh at his nurse’s shoes.  He finds it unfair that they are not making fun of the African kid next to them for not wearing Jordan’s. The cool kids say that it is unnecessary because he is already “black.”

Back to Jessica’s TV marathon with the moms, each one of them brings a dish. The moms are disgusted with Jessica’s tofu dish. They change the topic by inviting Jessica to participate in the Daytona 500 neighborhood event.

Before Louis enters his house, he meets next-door neighbors Marvin and Honey. Marvin shares that they just arrived from a vacation. Louis says he is happy for Marvin’s daughter. Turns out, Honey is Marvin’s wife. Louis’ negative vibes from the awkward encounter continue as he finds out that Jessica is reading Stephen King in the living room.

Jessica reads Stephen King whenever she is down. She tells Louis that she misses her friends back in DC, especially their violent gambling parties. Louis hates her reading Stephen King because she tends to have nightmares because of it.

In the kitchen, Jessica tells Louis about the Daytona 500 event. Both of them have no idea what it is all about. However, they are hopeful that it can boost the name of their Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse restaurant.

Hours later, Eddie falls asleep while listening to his favorite hip-hop music. He starts to dream of sexy women dancing. He suddenly wakes up and sees Honey throwing garbage bags near his window.  Then he imagines her dancing for him. Suddenly, Jessica interrupts in his fantasy by criticizing him after spilling juice on Honey’s body. She tells him that he is wasting money. Louis also interrupts to give ribs to the dancing women. Jessica reminds him to make them pay.

On the same night, the family goes to the video rental shop to find for NASCAR videos. The salesman slowly notices that they have no idea what NASCAR is. While Jessica walks around the shop, her attention suddenly focuses on a Stephen King movie played on the monitor. Honey is also watching. Both women are excited to know that they are both fans of author.

While the two mothers are talking, Eddie interrupts them after going out of the adult videos section. Jessica notices that he walks weirdly. Eddie ignores her and flirts with Honey. He even gives Skittles to her. Minutes later, he tells Emery that he plans to use Honey to make the cool kids jealous. He believes it will distract the kids from making fun of him for not wearing Jordan’s.

The next day, Jessica goes to Honey’s house to watch “The Shining.” She is delightfully surprised to see Honey eating her tofu dish.  Honey tells her that it is delicious. She thinks her stepdaughter, Nicole, will surely love it.

When Jessica went home, Louis tells her to stay away from Honey because the neighborhood hates her. He thinks it is bad for business. Jessica demands to know who said it to him. Earlier, Evan became Jessica’s proxy in the women’s meeting for the Daytona 500 event. He was the one who told Louis about Honey being the second wife of Marvin and ruining a neighborhood mom’s life. Jessica feels that she has no choice but to sacrifice the friendship for the business.

During the Daytona 500 event, Jessica notices that the women in the neighborhood try their best to ignore Honey. One woman even dragged her husband away from Honey. Honey sees Jessica and approaches her cheerfully. Jessica says that a wasp flew into her mouth and walks away. Eddie approaches Honey and flirts with her. Honey says that she still has a lot of lotion on her body and leaves him alone. One of the cool kids makes fun of him.

The neighborhood moms approach Jessica to make her join their karaoke number. While they are practicing, Honey approaches them. She is hurt that Jessica just ignores her. She walks away, but Eddie interrupts her again. She notices some kids watching them. She gets teary-eyed and walks away after calling herself a “homewrecking stripper.”

It is time for the karaoke number. As Deidre is introducing their group, Jessica sees Honey getting tofu from the buffet. She grabs the microphone from Diedre and announces that she will sing a song for her friend, Honey. Then she starts to sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. She gets the attention of everybody and amazes them with her beautiful voice. Louis takes advantage of the moment to promote his restaurant. Honey gets on the stage and attempts to sing with her, but Jessica scolds her that it is not a duet. Jessica continues singing.

After the performance, Honey approaches Eddie. Because his mom is her friend, she agrees with Eddie’s plan. They hugged in front of the cool kids. The kids are so jealous, especially that Eddie is lowering his hand to touch her butt. However, Honey pushes him away and walks out like nothing happened.

As the festivities still go on, Eddie notices a hot teenage girl going out of a car. The girl immediately bullies the first kid she sees by throwing his ball away from him. Turns out, that girl is Honey’s stepdaughter, Nicole. Nicole casually tells Honey that she is a slut as she passes by to kiss Marvin. Eddie drools with admiration.

Suddenly, a dart hits Eddie’s back because of a kid playing with it. Eddie falls to the ground. His parents run toward him. Louis demands for an ambulance and emphasizes that the hospital is near his restaurant.

There you have it for the recap on “Fresh Off the Boat” Episode 3 “The Shunning,” which aired last Feb. 10, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. Catch the next episode on Feb. 17, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lamonttroop

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