Fringe Season 4 Finale

By admin | 6 years ago

A few episodes ago, Fringe went to the year 2036 where the world is riled by The Observers. The question remains as to whether Walter (John Noble), Olivia (Anna Torv), and Peter (Joshua Jackson) can prevent this from happening. Well fans of the show must wait until the fifth and final season of Fringe to find out. Fringe Season

As for the Fringe Season 4 finale, it features a death of a beloved character. William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) is back and he kidnaps Walter in order to lure Olivia and use her to collapse both universes. But Walter has another idea up his sleeve and shoots Olivia in the head instead. The Observer says that every version of Olivia must die. But she has so much cortexiphan in her veins that after a surgery, she’s back up.

After finding out that Olivia will be okay, Peter finds out that she’s pregnant. Good thing that the surgery didn’t kill the baby. This makes him churn out a goofy smile but not before he cried when he thought that he lost Olivia forever. Oh well, main characters don’t really die in a sci-fi series.

Rebecca Mader is the most badass character in Fringe. She looks creepy when she is reanimated. People like her except when she’s doing that eye-roll thing that she does. Another memorable moment in the Fringe season finale is when Walter slaps Peter.

Just as Walter is relaxing after a very busy day, an Observer comes to warn him that they are coming. It is a very ominous message, which is also a perfect setup for the next season. The next season will be the fifth and final one for Fringe. It will feature the Bishop-Dunham baby, William Bell on the loose, and Olivia still as an energy source. There’s more in store for Fringe fans to look forward to.

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