Frozen 2 Updates: Reports About Demi Lovato Replacing Idina Menzel Surface

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 11 months ago
Frozen 2  Updates: Reports About Demi Lovato Replacing Idina Menzel Surface
Frozen 2 In Making

Fans are eager to venture into the Kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen 2  and see what Elsa, Anna and Olaf are up to next. It is just three years since the release of original Frozen movie but people are unable to hold their desperation for its sequel. The short movie called Frozen Fever released last year was also well received, although, fans are hoping to see a full length movie soon.

New Voice Actress For Elsa

With the news of Frozen 2 is in the making, anticipations and speculations followed. Rumors are rife that Idina Menzel, the voice actress of Elsa, will be missing in the franchise. News has spread to the extent that Menzel has been cast out. In addition to that, the management is already on the way to find new voice of Elsa. The new possible choices range from Taylor Swift, Demi Lovata, Rihanna and Arianne Grande.

It seems Demi Lovato fits the bill, however, as her voice range matches Idina Menzel’s. Also, she has previous experience of working under the Disney banner. Her successful rendition of Let It Go might pave her way to voice Elsa.

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Idina Menzel Is Getting Married

Fans are trying to rule out the possibilities of Menzel’s exit. The one that holds ground is her wedding happening soon. Wedding bells are ringing for the 45-year-old actress and singer and she is busy in planning for the big day. Probably, this is the reason deterring her from pursuing the sequel project.

Elsa Queen of Arendelle
Official Trailer/Frozen

As of now, no confirmed news has come up either from Disney Management or Idina Menzel’s camp. As stated by Inquisitr, in her interview, Menzel gave very few details about the next installment saying she is only “a servant to Disney”. But to some, the news is baseless and Disney has no plans to replace the main character.

Frozen 2 Movie Plot Controversy

Earlier,  it was rumored the Frozen 2 will see Queen Elsa getting successful in finding kiss of love. Olaf, the most loved character of the movie, will also find its true love in the sequel.

But this sweet plot was overshadowed by Twitter debates which soon created a lot of buzz. According to the Twitter updates, Queen Elsa might be shown as lesbian. However, film director Chris Buck and Co-director Jennifer Lee want to keep up with the tradition of Disney on giving appropriate messages to its young audience.

Frozen 2 will release in 2018

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