Frozen 2 Finally Underway, Movie Producer Teases New Details

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Frozen 2 Finally Underway, Movie Producer Teases New Details
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Frozen, an animation film by Walt Disney Animation Studios (2013) has been a successful movie at the box-office. Following the success of the original film, a sequel called Frozen 2, has been announced. In the latest update, it is revealed that Frozen 2′s production is finally underway.

The original film has received several awards and accolades. That being said, this animation movie has been a popular film, especially among the children. It follows the life story of Princess Elsa and her sister Anna who are divided by Prince Hans.

The announcement of Frozen 2 took place in 2015. But so far there was no new update on the film’s production. Recently the movie producer of Frozen and Frozen 2 Peter Del Vecho has spilled details about the film. Read to know more.

Production Details Of Frozen 2

Del Vecho has said that they are currently working hard on developing the writing process for the film. Expressing his excitement he adds, “Like all movies, it will evolve,” reports Entertainment Weekly.

The original film Frozen has been inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” The plot of the film had to go through several changes before finally beginning the work in 2011. Both Chris Buck and Lee helmed the film as the directors. The efforts of the director and the actors have paid off well. The film has been a huge box-office hit and has won two Academy Awards and two Grammy awards to name a few.


Producer Teases New Details

Talking about the script of Frozen 2, Del Vecho shares an interesting scoop. He says that fans of Frozen will understand the things better in the first movie after they have seen the sequel, as per the aforementioned source.

The original film has left several loopholes that will potentially be dealt in the sequel. For instance, the main source of Elsa’s power is not told in the movie. The movie initially has seen a romance blooming between Anna and Hans. So will he and Anna ever reconcile their feelings? Will Anna ever forgive him?

Another important aspect the sequel might see is a better understanding of the love between the siblings and their partners. Frozen has finally reunited the sisters Anna and Elsa at the end of the film. But will Elsa ever get a romantic interest in the sequel? Also, how will Elsa rule Arendelle? All these and more plot twists are likely to be answered in the sequel.

As it is in the writing stage there is a possibility of changes coming up in the script. That being said, the writing process might take some more time, which will be followed by filming. Therefore, speculations are rife that the film might be scheduled to release in 2019.

Meanwhile, it has been earlier revealed that The Good Place alum Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel will return to voice Anna and Elsa in the sequel. Also, Josh Gad will return to be the voice of our beloved snowman, Olaf.

New Frozen Attractions For Fans

Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney World’s Epcot has some exciting attraction for Frozen fans. The former place has recently premiered Frozen: Live at the Hyperion, reports Refinery 29. The report also adds that fans can enjoy the power ballads from the movie, onstage song and dance performances from the Frozen film.

An attraction called Frozen Ever After has also been set up at Walt Disney World’s Epcot, as per the aforementioned source.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Frozen
Photo Source For Featured Image: Facebook/Frozen

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