Frozen 2 Gets a Release Date, Elsa’s Death Finally Discussed

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Frozen 2 Gets a Release Date, Elsa’s Death Finally Discussed
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When Frozen released back in 2013, it broke all kinds of records and set the cash registers ringing. Elsa and Anna became as famous as the superheroes with children and adults going crazy for them.

Looking at the success of the first movie, it was no surprise that the studio announced a sequel.

Release date

The most important question young Frozen fans have in their minds is the sequel’s release date. Putting their mind at ease, the studio finally gave a confirmation.

After months of speculations, Disney has announced that the sequel will be released on Nov. 27 in 2019.

Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel’s return

Elsa and Anna were brought to life by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell respectively. The two lending their voice for the characters just added more charm. It should be noted that the two were equally excited when the sequel’s release date was announced.

Bell particularly took to Twitter and in a series of tweets made references to Frozen 2 and even announced the release date.

Olaf’s love interest

Josh Gad’s Olaf is probably one of the most successful sidekicks ever made by Disney. The cheerful snowman was brought to life accidentally by Elsa and was one of the good guys who chose to help Anna.

With the cheerful character getting a love interest, fans can look forward to a cute couple in the sequel. Also since Anna and Kristoff became a couple in the previous movie, watching multiple couples will be a treat.

Delay to announce sequel

The Telegraph reported Bell’s comments that she gave last year about the sequel. She was talking about why the sequel was taking this long to get announced.

According to her, the makers were thinking about the right story they can use to take the story forward. Also because the story had to be something that needed to be told, it was taking more and more time to finalize something.

Executives at Disney too said the same thing. Assuring that they were in the writing process, they stated that like every movie, this one too would evolve. They also stated that the sequel would enable fans to understand the first movie even better.

Elsa’s new dress

The outlet also reported that Snow Queen Elsa would have a new dress in the sequel. Her blue dress has already become iconic. Ever since the movie released, the dress has become a part of the character’s identity.

According to the outlet, many children across the globe have bought it and would wear it on any given day. Stressing on the fact that a new dress will bring in more revenue in the form of merchandise, fans should expect to see Elsa sporting a new dress.

Questions about Elsa’s death

The outlet also addressed the most common question associated with the sequel, Elsa’s death. Elsa will not die because billions of dollars are riding on her in the form of merchandise and spin-offs.

Since fans are more attached to the character, killing her off would not be a great idea. However, the outlet also speculated that if the character were to die, she could come back in a similar manner how Anna was saved because of the power of love.

With Frozen 2 officially releasing in 2019, it remains to be seen what more updates are released about the movie and how does the story take shape in the sequel.


Photo source: Facebook/Frozen


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