‘Frozen 2’: The Latest Buzz, Release Date And Plot Rumours

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2’: The Latest Buzz, Release Date And Plot Rumours
Before 2018 ends we will be able to see the sequel of “Frozen Fever”. The movie is still in the making with not much available to fans to guess the storyline. Their eagerness, however, has given birth to numerous theories.

Frozen 2” is expected to hit the big screen before 2018 and there are a lot of speculations going among fans as to what they might expect in the coming sequel. Unfortunately, not much has been disclosed about the story yet and only theories are formulated. Read on.

“Frozen 2”, if rumors are to be believed will hit the big screen before 2018, and we are not about to reveal the secrets just yet. In March, as per Latinos Health, “Frozen 2” movie was officially announced by Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter.

Lasseter feels delighted in claiming that they enjoyed making “Frozen Fever.” They are back to put up the good work in the next flick with the same characters. For the sequel, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have brainstormed a wonderful idea and in the near future you will get to know more about it. You all will be taken back to Arendelle.

The 34-year-old Josh Gad, who gave his voice to the adorable and lovable snowman Olaf, is currently busy in the promotion of “Pixels The Movie.” In an interview with MTV, he disclosed that they have a great story to tell and it will be very exciting.

Eva Bella, who is the voice behind young Elsa, shares that she is recording for the past month and has been going regularly to the studio. She feels delighted to say that she finds it a good place to start her day. It is so good to be back and she expects busy days ahead.

Things are not yet clear about the plot, according to Latino Post, but the fans are eager and they have started formulating their own theories as to what they might expect in the movie. The sisterly true love between Elsa and Anna showed in “Frozen” surprised many audiences even though they were estranged at an early age. Many people are of the belief that the storyline in the sequel will be similar to this.

Here are some theories that fans would love to see in “Frozen 2”.

Numerous fans are curious to know how Elsa got her powers. The first film revealed that she was born with it, but it still remains a mystery as to how she got it. Fans are also eager to know how Anna and Elsa will work their relation and they also want to know how they both are related to Rapunzel. Hopefully, Disney will not keep the fans in the dark for a long time.

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