‘Frozen 2’ Latest Update, Fans Think Sequel Will Revolve Around Queen Elsa’s Love Story

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘Frozen 2’ Latest Update, Fans Think Sequel Will Revolve Around Queen Elsa’s Love Story
Frozen 2

Fans of the hit Disney animated film “Frozen” could no longer hold their excitement after Disney and Pixar announced that there will be a sequel to the movie last March. The target date for release has already been set to 2018. However, the storyline of the latest Frozen installment remained to be undisclosed.

According to VCPost, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios CCO John Lasseter has not revealed the storyline for “Frozen 2.” This has kept fans and spectators more inclined to what the latest installment of the movie franchise would be about.

We are happy to know that the original cast from “Frozen” would still reprise their roles in the upcoming movie sequel. Idina Menzel will still play the voice for Queen Elsa while Kristen Bell would still be the voice behind Princess Anna.

The outlet also said that Lasseter told the public that they have been aiming for excellence for the second installment of the movie. Thus, they are not rushing the storyline for “Frozen 2.” However, the scriptwriters for the animated film Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have already something in mind for the script of the movie.

As the storyline remained to be hidden from the public, fans could only speculate on what the plot for “Frozen 2” would be. VCPost went on saying fans are thinking about the love story of Queen Elsa to be the center of the new movie. Meanwhile, others think that a new villain will be present for the second installment of the film. The unsolicited comments of netizens are endless and it keeps on coming every time an online press release is posted online.

Since we simply couldn’t squeeze out what’s in for “Frozen 2,” we too are kept frozen in excitement for what’s in store for the second installment of the movie franchise. Got something in mind you want to share about the movie’s plot? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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