Frozen 2: Rihanna or Demi Lovato — Find Out Who is Most Suitable to Replace Idina Menzel

By Neha Bakshi | 12 months ago
Frozen 2: Rihanna or Demi Lovato — Find Out Who is Most Suitable to Replace Idina Menzel

Frozen 2 is one of the most anticipated Disney films. The magical kingdom of Arendelle will feature Anna and Elsa gaining and exploring magical powers. The recent update reveals that the Chris Bucker directorial will portray Elsa as lesbian. So far, nothing has been officially confirmed.

Elsa Turned Lesbian In Frozen 2?

According to sources, Princess Elsa and Olaf will find true love in the Frozen 2. Olaf will be seen kissing a snow woman while Elsa will discover about her liking for female.

However, the idea of projecting a lesbian in a family movie has landed the sequel in a controversy. Frozen was a super block buster and garnered appreciation from critics as well.

Moral values and good deeds are featured in most of the Disney films. However, this topic seems a bit controversial for target audience. But some contradict it. And view this as bold step which will present the community in a modest way. The most important question here is, how will a child perceives it?


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Sequel Spoilers

Rihanna is likely to replace Idina Menzel who lend voice for Elsa in Frozen. The name of singing sensation Taylor Swift is also making the rounds.

Another contender for the role is Demi Lovato who has previously worked with Disney. She is brilliant in voice casting, reports iTech Post.

Frozen 2 premiere date is not yet revealed. However, it is expected to come later in 2017.

A short film titled as Frozen Fever is already available for the fans. Meanwhile, they can also check out an old trailer here.

Is projecting Elsa as a lesbian in Frozen 2 good idea from Disney? What do you think? Comments below!

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