‘Frozen 2’ Movie News: Westjet Introduces Disney’s ‘Frozen’ themed Aircraft featuring Elsa, Anna And Olaf

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2’ Movie News: Westjet Introduces Disney’s ‘Frozen’ themed Aircraft featuring Elsa, Anna And Olaf
WestJet’s Frozen themed aircraft

The Canadian carrier WestJet Airlines has recently introduced their second custom-painted “Frozen” themed aircraft for the promotion of the upcoming film “Frozen 2.” Read on to know interesting details about the Boeing 737 aircraft of the Calgary-based airline.

According to a report from CBC News, the “Frozen” themed aircraft has been designed colorfully with 23 colors using 624 liters of paint. This custom-painted aircraft features Anna and Elsa, the protagonists of the “Frozen” series. The design features the protagonists “chanting out magic spells of snow on the tail,” and Olaf sitting on “the face of the plane relaxing in the sun.”

WestJet’s wonderfully sculpted “Frozen” themed aircraft looks absolutely stunning with a mesmerizing & colorful external body. According to The Westjet Blog, the descending pattern of the “Frozen 2” protagonists from the tail-end towards the “sunny part where Olaf is lying” gives a summer experience on the exterior.

The more interesting feature is that the interior of the aircraft is also designed such that it provides the “experience of the “Frozen” world,” giving a “summer experience” as that of the exterior. The interior has been designed with “colder backdrop in the overhead bins and headrest fabric at the rear end which gradually turns warmer moving towards the front end.”


The Telegraph reported that the promotion of the film “Frozen 2” using the Disney “Frozen” themed aircraft seems to increase the anticipation for the second sequel of the “Frozen” franchise. In addition, it seems to be an effort to fascinate the “audience into the chilly world of snow magic.”

WestJet released their first custom-painted “Sorcerer Mickey” themed aircraft in 2013, reported Westjet2 Media Room. The “Sorcerer Mickey” themed aircraft featuring Mickey Mouse was named as “Magic Plane.”

Even though the “Frozen 2” is expected to release in theatres in 2018, the early promotion of the film using WestJet’s colorfully designed “Frozen” themed aircraft featuring Elsa, Anna, and Olaf would definitely boost the anticipations and expectations of people to watch the film.

Photo Source: Facebook/ WestJet’s “Frozen” themed aircraft


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