‘Frozen 2’ Movie Update: Anna To Get New Powers?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2’ Movie Update: Anna To Get New Powers?
Frozen 2

“Frozen” was a phenomenal success which made its presence felt in the animated movie industry, and it is of no doubt that teasers will follow up for such a wonderful movie. No official statement has been received yet about the new movie from the franchise, but fans have started making their own assumptions and wish that the new movie come out with a much greater role for Elsa.

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According to christianpost.com, it is rumored that the character of Elsa will probably have a love interest. Assumptions are also being made out that Elsa will be presented as a lesbian. This means there is equal probability that her partner can be a female or a male.

However, these are only assumptions and speculations and nothing can be said for sure. In another such assumption made by the fans, it is said that there will be another twist in the movie.

According the Chris Buck, who is the director of the film, it has been revealed that Anna will now have some new powers of her own. Buck has not described anything in detail and kept a lot of mystery circulating around the new movie.

According to moviesnewsguide.com, in the end Buck made a statement that Elsa has the superpower of love and through this superpower she has the ability to make everything possible. Some fans want to see a new relation budding up between Elsa and Anna. This is possible, as in the first movie of “Frozen” there was some chemistry going on between Elsa and Anna.

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This can be said as one of the main selling point of the movie as it has moved away from the usual storyline. The love between two sisters has been represented as a true love.

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