‘Frozen 2’ Release Date: Will The Sequel Live Up To The Expectation?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2’ Release Date: Will The Sequel Live Up To The Expectation?
Will Frozen 2 match up to the expectations of its original part?

The sequel of the movie “Frozen” is still away by 2 more years, but because of huge buzz about the first part, many may think that it is just around the corner. All the madness for the sequel and the fan following is because the original part was so successful in the first place. Can the sequel live up to the expectations of the fans? Read on to know details.

According to Christian Times, the characters Elsa, Olaf and Anna have been confirmed by Disney. This movie was the best animated Disney movie in the last twenty years. Every age group, especially the children had an utter fondness for the first part, probably because it had a great message and was really catchy. But, a second thought must be given to the sequel, which is slated to be released in 2018, that will the children really care about the movie at that point when they become teenagers?

According to IDigitalTimes, when “Frozen” bowed before the box-office, every single child of every household was keen to see the movie all over again. But, as the kids grow up, they outgrow the stuff they had as children and when they get over it, it’s just over for them. They didn’t not even looked back once, because then they turned into teenagers.

Well, why is the sequel being released after two years? Is Disney hoping that all the nostalgia and the love would return when the magic returns on the big screen?

Well, one can hope that a new generation of fans will be born which would even include the adults. Probably, infants would be ready until then and will have the best Disney taste at their disposal. Frozen was the most successful animated movie ever, therefore, one can guess that the sequel would also be one of its kinds. There is even some advertising being done so that people can never forget Frozen which include theme parks, and endless merchandise. Frozen is instilled in us and would never go away.

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