‘Frozen 2’ Spoilers: Anna To Steal Elsa’s Ice Power During The Big Duet Between The Sisters!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2’ Spoilers: Anna To Steal Elsa’s Ice Power During The Big Duet Between The Sisters!

Disney’s “Frozen” was a success that no-one had dreamed of. The animated musical fairy tale spurred Disney into making a short film, “Frozen Fever” and a possible sequel, “Frozen 2.”

“Frozen” is among those Disney’s animated film that became an instant classic among all the age group. The film has a tremendous soundtrack, and at the same time has an inspiring message for the kids. However, the film had many questions, which fans wants to know with the upcoming sequel like, what happens with Elsa? Is there going to be a new dress? When “Frozen 2” is coming into the theatres?

According to Movie Pilot, Disney is yet to confirm any plot regarding the upcoming “Frozen 2,” many of the movie lovers still believe that the upcoming animated musical sequel will show more bonding between the two sisters. There are rumors during round of the internet saying that Anna might steal Elsa’s power. In order to reach out a powerful message to kids, there are chances a rookie mistake will be done by one of the sister and the happy conclusion will be the ‘societal impact’ message.

In the 2013 “Frozen,” directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, fans saw how Elsa shown with her icy attitude and powers to match, there are speculations among the movie fans that the “Frozen 2” will put the spotlight on Anna. Nothing has been official yet; fans are still hoping to see how Anna will explore her superpower.

Robbie Collin and Tim Robey, the critics of Telegraph are into an agreement with Disney who is working very hard to make another musical successful sequel. The amazingly written and portrayed ‘Let It Go’ from “Frozen” has become a worldwide sensation after the release of the film.

If Disney is considering making a sequel, then “Frozen 2” will need something very different and powerful just like the first part. “”Frozen 2” categorically has to be a musical, and it categorically has to have a big central ballad – can you imagine what would happen if it wasn’t? There would be looting,” Robin Collin added.

“Frozen 2” has a lot to live up to after the huge success of the first film, but we are sure that the “Frozen 2” will be as good as “Frozen” or may be better!

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