‘Frozen 2’ Updates: Power Duo Elsa And Anna!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2’ Updates: Power Duo Elsa And Anna!
Photo taken from Frozen Facebook Page

It’s going to be an even more powerful duo for “Frozen 2!” In “Frozen” it tackled Elsa and Anna’s relationship as sisters but it was more of Elsa showcasing her powers, what it can do and how she handled it in the end, and there was Anna, whom we all saw to be courageous, perky yet a bit naive who spent most of her time trying to save her sister… and with Kristoff. The only thing that we saw how fun the two could be was back when they were kids until Elsa had to avoid her sister for fear of hurting her again with her powers.  Read on for more details.

The good news is that “Frozen 2” will give more entertainment value involving the two sisters! This means, more bonding moments and probably an adventure together. Latest reports suggest that the sequel will be more fun and light compared to the first movie and it will also address the common issues faced by kids and teens nowadays.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee haven’t really released any specific details regarding “Frozen 2’s” plot but according to VC Post, the two directors have decided already on a specific theme and a rough plot for the sequel. It’s going to be a magical adventure that will also tackle issues with the societal impact that kids can relate to.

It also looks like Anna and Elsa will be singing a new song that we will hear for the rest of our life, such as “Let It Go.” This song may describe their sisterhood and their bond to defeat evil. Reports speculate that it is going to be another duet number and it also looks like their relationship will be more detailed in “Frozen 2.”

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Photo source: Facebook/Frozen

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