‘Frozen 2:’ Will We See A BAD Anna?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Frozen 2:’ Will We See A BAD Anna?

A few months ago, the sequel to “Frozen” was announced. “Frozen” 2 is happening in 2018 and so far, the only confirmed news that we have is the return of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel to reprise their roles as Elsa and Anna. Fans are dying to know what the plot will be. Also, critics are concerned plot-wise because it may ruin the original movie. So for now, here’s a theory on what could possibly be the conflict on the upcoming sequel of this Disney movie.

You see, “Frozen” is very similar to the story of “The Snow Queen.” The story is actually about two friends named Gerda and Kai who traveled to see the Ice Queen but they encountered the evil trolls who has the power to let their victims only see the worst in everyone. Kai’s heart got hit by the pieces of the shattered frozen lake and this caused him to only see the bad side of everyone. Due to this vulnerability, the ice queen took this to her advantage and held him as prisoner. Gerda, of course, freed Kai by kissing him and solving together the queen’s puzzle.

In “Frozen” the Ice Queen is Elsa while Kai and Gerda are Anna and Kristoff. They are different from the personalities of the characters in “The Snow Queen.” Anna had her heart frozen but when an act of true love happened to her, it melted. However, we didn’t see the bad side effects of having a frozen heart unlike in “The Snow Queen.”

And that might be the conflict that “Frozen 2” will explore. The bad effects of having a frozen heart where we might see Anna only seeing the bad side of everybody and Prince Hans might just return and have Anna on his side for the meantime, while her heart is still frozen. This conflict will definitely be the driving force of “Frozen 2” when it comes to the plot, but of course, who knows? It’s just a theory!

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