‘Frozen’ Fan Theory: First Opening Scene Already Tells Us Everything We Need to Know! [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Frozen’ Fan Theory: First Opening Scene Already Tells Us Everything We Need to Know! [Watch Video]
Frozen 2

The “Frozen” fever isn’t over yet! Yes, aside from “Frozen” 2 coming up, there is something about the first movie that most fans have missed! There is actually a huge secret within the first 10 minutes of the movie that already tells us what we need to know about the movie! What is it? Read on below.

Most of us have watched “Frozen” a dozen times or even more already and you know the first scene where there are ice harvesters singing “Frozen Heart?” Well, actually the lyrics to the song talks about the whole movie! If only we really paid attention the first time… Let Movie Pilot break it down for you:

The first two lines of the song “Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining” actually talks about what Elsa is made of. Also, the “Frozen Heart” song also talked about Elsa’s powers and how powerful, beautiful but dangerous it is. “This icy force both foul and fair, has a frozen heart worth mining.”

And then the ice harvesters of “Frozen” sang “Beautiful! Powerful! Dangerous! Cold,” which is obviously about Queen Elsa. Of course, at first we thought they were just talking about the ice and the land but if you really look into it deeper, the lyrics of “Frozen Heart” already gave us the answers to our questions about the movie. It put the movie in a nutshell before it even began.

The ice harvesters also warned us about Hans as a villain and they even have the “Let it go” lyrics on the “Frozen Heart” song. It goes like this, “Hyup! Ho! Watch your step! Let it go!” It was even before we see Elsa’s power the ice harvesters are already telling us about it!

“Ice has a magic, can’t be controlled

Stronger than one! Stronger than ten!

Stronger than a hundred men!”

And also, the title of the song itself “Frozen Heart” is all about Anna’s frozen heart, literally.

What do you think? And we all thought these ice harvesters were just singing a song while getting ice to entertain themselves…

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