FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Gets Injured During Bangkok Concert

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Gets Injured During Bangkok Concert
Official Facebook Page/FT Island

Every job, regardless of what it is, has its own set of dangers, no matter how big or small the hazards might be. When it comes to musicians, celebrities and especially musical groups and acts, one such hazard that may befall a singer or a performer is when they injure themselves during a concert, just like FT Island’s lead vocalist did in a recent concert held over the weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. However, what is important is not the incident in itself, but how one can rally on and recover fully in order to return back to the stage, as, after all, the show must always go on. Read on to learn more about the injury sustained recently by FT Island’s lead vocalist, Lee Hong Ki.

Just over the weekend, according to All K Pop, Lee Hong Ki, the lead vocalist of the FNC Entertainment pop-rock group, FT Island, injured himself on stage during a concert.

According to the group’s official schedule on the website of the FNC Entertainment group, the K-Pop group had a concert in Bangkok, Thailand, on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, when the accident occurred.

According to the video posted on All K Pop, Lee looked as if he was in pain as he lifted himself up from the stage floor, and hopped off stage, where a stage hand helped him backstage.

However, according to the comments posted on All K Pop, it seemed like the singer had sprained or twisted his ankle earlier in the concert, and went on for several songs, in a brave gesture of showmanship, before sitting down on the stage floor as seen in the video, as his ankle couldn’t take it anymore.

Yesterday, the singer posted a picture of his injured foot on his Instagram account, wrapped in bandages, and with an ice bag strapped to it. He said that he was alright, and that his fans shouldn’t worry about him.


His post was met with immediate support from his fans, who wished him a quick recovery, and offered their support.

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And that was all regarding the injury that FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki sustained during their Bangkok concert. For more entertainment news and updates and for more updates on your favorite celebrities in Hollywood and in Asia, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Official Facebook Page/FT Island



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