Full Length Trailer for ‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’ Released

By admin | 4 years ago

New York Comic-Con 2013 saw to the debut of a full length trailer for Hercules: The Legend Begins, showing off Zeus’ son himself and his ability to pull apart chains.

Director Renny Harlin and his cast were present at the event, hosting a panel for their movie which hits theaters next year in March. Aside from the release of the trailer, Harlin answered a lot of questions from fans. The first being why Hercules is not buffed up?

Harlin responded that it was his instructions that Lutz should work out but he didn’t want him to be a “giant”.

“I think people have a lot of stereotypical ideas of who the character is, so we wanted to go to an origin story of Hercules, to a young guy who doesn’t really even know who he is,” he said. “We think this story is special because it’s a young man who comes from a dysfunctional family. Scott plays his dad, but of course it’s not really his dad because his real dad is Zeus. And Liam plays his friend, only eventually he’s really not his friend. … And one day he finds out that he’s a demi-god. And that his mission is much grander and he has a destiny that he has to fulfill.”

From the trailer Hercules: The Legend Begins seems to be shaping up pretty good. The storyline seems a bit shaky though, as do some of the effect – specially the Zeus-lending-his-lighting one. However, for a movie with such a low budget, it’s holding on to that epic feel.

You can watch the trailer above, while here’s the cast of the movie:

  • Kellan Lutz as Hercules
  • Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon
  • Liam McIntyre as Sotiris
  • Johnathon Schaech as Tarak
  • Gaia Weiss as Hebe
  • Roxanne McKee as Alcmene
  • Liam Garrigan as Iphicles
  • Rade Serbedzija as Chiron
  • Luke Newberry as Agamemnon

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