Fun Size is No Fun

By admin | 6 years ago

Fun Size is No FunFun Size stars Victoria Justice, as a Cleveland high school senior Wren who lost her preteen brother while trick-or-treating. It features a lot of jokes regarding child molestation. It is made by Nickelodeon and targets every preteen out there before they go out trick or treating themselves.

Jackson Nicoll plays Victoria’s brother Albert. He is dressed as Spider-Man when he gets lost and Wren and her best friend must change their plans to look for Albert. That means they must skip going to the cool kids party.

Fun Size is made just like other one crazy night comedies such as Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist and Adventures in Babysitting. But unlike the two mentioned movies, there is nothing fun in Fun Size. It is a witlessly boring movie that could erode one’s self-esteem.

The movie tries to get its laughs from visual gags, such as a giant fast food restaurant rooster pretending to have sexual intercourse with a car. Chelsea Handler plays a huge supporting role in the movie and that says a lot to its quality.

Victoria Justice could be a talented actress but this is not showed in Fun Size. She delivers her lines in a huffy, dislikable manner. 78 minutes is not long for a feature film but it feels like an eternity for the audience.

The brother doesn’t speak since their father died. He is kidnapped by Johnny Knoxville. It is not funny. It is not suspenseful. It is nothing worthy of your time.

Fun Size is directed by Josh Schwartz with the screenplay written by Max Werner, who is a long time writer for The Colbert Report. Maybe the comedy is made for the young Nickelodeon viewers and the older folks just not get it. It is rated PG-13 for crude and suggestive material, language, and partying.

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