Funny or Die: Creed the Band Reviews Creed the Movie!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Funny or Die: Creed the Band Reviews Creed the Movie!

The movie, “Creed” is making headlines for its gritty storytelling, but the heavy metal band “Creed’s” frontman, Scott Stapp, was mildly disappointed to find that the movie is not about his band “Creed.” Wait – what?


Just Jared reports that Sylvester Stallone’s new blockbuster seems to have disappointed at least one famous reviewer. Heavy metal band, “Creed,” was expecting that the movie will be about the band. Just kidding! Creed’s frontman, Scott Stapp did a funny video about being disappointed to find that the movie was not about the Heavy metal band for funny or and you can watch it here.

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“This week, I checked out a new film called Creed,” Stapp began comically in the Funny or Die video. “I said to myself ‘Finally! The epic tale of my band Creed is coming to the big screen!’ As Creed the movie unfolded, there wasn’t much that resembled what happened in Creed the band.”

Then he went on to compare his personality with Michael B. Jordan’s saying, “The main character is played by Michael B Jordan. You know an interesting choice. We don’t look much alike and the character’s name is Creed.” But he thought that it was ok because, “Sometimes when I walk down the street people shout what’s up, Creed.”

He went on to discuss that the movie didn’t have any guitar solos and was inaccurate because it showed that the titular character was friends with “Rocky Balboa.” But towards the end of the funny video, he conceded that the movie showcased great acting and slick camera work. He said he also wanted to review the movie, “Assassin’s Creed,” because he thought it was about an assassin that loves his band.


Well, truth be told, you do get the band’s Facebook page when you google for the name of the movie. The movie has been given a rather quiet opening, with very little promotion. Let’s hope that the movie does well on good word of mouth. When we last checked for the reviews, the critics were all praise for the movie. Everybody is calling it a good sequel to Rocky Balboa. So you should go and check it out in a theater near you.

Photo Source: Facebook/ Creed

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