Funny Lip-Synch Battle Among Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon [WATCH VIDEO]

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Funny Lip-Synch Battle Among Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon [WATCH VIDEO]
Jimmy Fallom

OMG! Is it hilarious or what? In this episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” get to witness a hilarious yet engaging lip sync competition between Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and of course Jimmy Fallon.

After Fallon introduces the participants of the competition, he claims none of them know the songs chosen by any of them. They lip-synch two songs each. The first performer, Ferrell, leaves the audience in splits with the pastiche of Beyonce’s uber sexy song “Drunken Love” and his expert lip-synching abilities coupled up with his effeminate demeanor. As Fallon rightly puts it, “You can never unsee that.” He takes the song to an new high altogether.

After him comes Fallon himself and announces that he’d be lip-synching Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone.” He did a better job than Ferrell with the song, given the sudden change in his moves from a slow and solemn demeanor to an electrifying rockstar performance teamed up with the stage lighting tricks. All of it seemed like a Broadway performance. Finally, Hart slows everything down with John Legend’s emotional “All of Me,” and he was even more emotional while lip-synching the song.

In the second round, Ferrell performs “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel from the “Frozen” soundtrack, with the same funny mannerisms if not more. Fallon comes in after him and performs on “Time of My Life” from the movie “Dirty Dancing,” and there was the surprise entry of Drew Barrymore. They did a little gig together and ended it with an epic fall on top of each other but somehow managed to finish it up. Finally, Hart took the center stage and blew the audience away with his lip-synching to Katie Perry’s “Roar.”  This was a video worth watching if you want to hear some songs being lip-synched to an outrageously hilarious visual experience. Watch the video and prepare to burst into laughter.

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