‘Fury’ Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘Fury’ Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

Experience intense brooding and suffering of one of the major realities of war. Written and directed by David Ayers, Brad Pitt takes on the battle hardened character, Sgt. Don Collier, in the war movie, “Fury.” Read on to know more about the film’s review.

“Fury” Synopsis:

“Fury” takes place during the finishing moments of the Second World War in 1945. It is centered on the lives of five men operating a Sherman Tank, which bears the film title. Taking command is the battle hardened superior Sgt. Don Collier (Pitt), who is also known as Wardaddy. He marches into war with his crew Boyd Swan (Shia LeBeouf), the pious main gunner who keeps his sanity in hopes for a religious salvation, Grady Travis (Jon Bernthal), the gunner assistant/engineer who has overthrown his human sentiments and Trini Garcia (Michael Peña), the booze-dependent driver. The battle-ready five is completed by all-out war newbie Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman), who serves as the replacement for the assistant driver who has gone into ruins, literally. Fighting off Germans and putting their lives on the line, they embark in a less than honorary journey towards self-sacrifice by treading within enemy lines for the purpose of the ultimate victory.

“Fury” Review:

“Fury” is the kind of movie that will offer you another reminder that there is nothing beautiful in the midst of a World War. You will see another brooding version of Brad Pitt akin to his performance in “World War Z,” but in this movie, reality is all you will see, and the brutal context of realism is what you shall get.

Quoting from The Wrap’s review, the movie “does not flinch or fuss when it comes to showing the blood, gore and gristle of modern armed conflict.” The medium utilizes the gore and the savagery and turns them all into a truthful concept, which brings out the essence of fragility in times of war. The characters in the film may be strapped inside a withstanding metal armory, but it does not rid them of the reality — they are all but mere flesh and blood men encased inside of it. “Fury” does not fall within the bounds of popcorn entertainment; it’s the kind that will make you drop whatever it is you are eating because you are too riveted to the premise. It may be a war film, but it isn’t one of those that are made for the sake of adrenalin. It delves so much deeper that it clings strongly in your sentimentality.

Not only did Brad Pitt give a maximum take on his performance, but also did LeBeouf, Bernthal and Lerman. Their acting were praiseworthy as they’ve embedded their characters to the cores of their beings as they get enveloped by rage, fear, despair and hope altogether.

With a rating of 68 percent coming from Rotten Tomatoes, “Fury” is doused with mix reviews ranging from being described as an overly compelling medium to a film bearing a shallow war-type storyline. Nonetheless, it is a film to watch for those who wish to catch a glimpse of what it means to be a soldier in the time of World War II.

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