Future of Comic Book Movies

By admin | 6 years ago

2012 is a good year for comic book movies. It is the year when Marvel released the ground breaking The Avengers and it left people wondering what will happen next. For DC, it will come out with The Dark Knight Rises, which will be the last of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Comic Book Movies

Comic book fans argue that the Nolan Batman movies are not good comic book movies but just good movies. They say the Avengers set the standards on how to do justice for comic book characters. It is a template on how to feature several comic book characters on screen.

The Amazing Spider-Man, which is the latest Marvel movie, is a well-grounded and realistic story of the wall crawling hero. It manages to stay faithful to the character. Future comic book movies should be faithful to the comic book characters and at the same time be good movies.

A good comic book movie should be a good movie first. That means the production must first make a good film first and making a good comic book movie second. This is what Legendary Pictures did when it released the first Nolan Batman movie in 2005.

Nolan successfully rebooted the Batman franchise just in time when people lost faith in it. Before Batman Begins, the last two Batman flicks were garbage. But people wanted to watch Batman Begins because it was a good movie.

A good comic book movie must make use the comic book mythology and develop a good story. Batman Begins did this to some small extent. While it is a good movie, it didn’t make the character justice, especially in later movies. The Dark Knight was said to be the best comic book movie of all time but in reality it’s not. Nolan made Batman too realistic that he changed the characters to make them into his liking to fit in his mythology of the characters.

Future comic book movies must be done with the filmmakers working side by side with comic book writers. That way the characters are faithful to the comic book mythology.

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