FX New Limited Series Trust Will Star Hunger Games Actor Donald Sutherland As J. Paul Getty

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
FX New Limited Series Trust Will Star Hunger Games Actor Donald Sutherland As J. Paul Getty

Hunger Games actor Donald Sutherland will star in Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle’s newest project, Trust. The limited series will shed new light on the Getty family and the infamous kidnapping of John Paul Getty III by the Italian mafia.

Sutherland will play the role of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty and John Paul Getty III’s grandfather. The 10-episode series will air on FX and tells the tale of the Getty family and their many bizarre exploits.

One of these is the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson, which highlighted his neglect and stinginess that almost lead to the death of Getty III. The kidnapping is one of the most infamous chapters of the decade and left the teenaged Getty mutilated causing a rift to develop in the family.


FX New Series Trust Is About The Abduction Of Paul John Getty III

According to Screen Rant, in 1973, the then 16-year old Getty III was abducted in the Piazza Farnese in Rome by members of the Italian mafia. A ransom note was later received by the family demanding $17 million in exchange for his safe return.

The family initially dismissed it as a ploy by the teenager to extract money from his extremely frugal grandfather. This was probably due to the boy frequently joking about it prior to being abducted.

It was not until a second ransom note was received that Getty III’s father, John Paul Getty Jr., asked his father for money. The billionaire oil tycoon was living in seclusion in his Tudor mansion with his five mistresses and pet lion and was too preoccupied to know about his grandson’s kidnapping.

Trust Is An Interesting Story Of A Problematic Young Man

To add to the teen’s predicament, the Italian police considered the case as a joke. His Getty Jr. was also hooked on heroin which left his financially troubled mother to negotiate with the kidnappers.

The elder Getty initially refused to give in to the criminals’ demands saying that paying the ransom will endanger his other 14 grandchildren. However, he later agreed to loan his son, at 4 percent interest, $2.2 million dollars only because that was the maximum amount that was tax deductible.

Eventually, Getty III was released to the tune of $2.9 million. But not before the kidnappers made good on their promise to send on their threats.

Due to the delay in paying the ransom, the kidnappers chopped off one of the teenager’s ears as a warning. Years later John Paul Getty III received an operation to remedy his mutilation at the hands of his captors.

This episode revealed just how frugal the elder Getty was. Despite his vast wealth amounting to the billions, he fiercely refused to pay the ransom for his grandson and heir.

To top it all, despite agreeing to provide the ransom, he did so as a loan to his own son with interest. Such behavior seems to be ill-fitting for a wealthy man. Many billionaires today giving most, if not all, of their wealth to charities that benefit mankind.

Donald Sutherland Plays Oil Tycoon J. Paul Getty

Sutherland is expected to nail his role as Getty Sr. He previously played the role of President Coriolanus Snow in the Hunger Games franchise. The ruthless  Snow reflects the personality of Getty especially when it comes to his apathy towards his own family.

Boyle will serve as executive producer and director of the series alongside writers Simon Beaufoy and Christian Colson. In addition to Sutherland, he will have no problem signing in high caliber actors for the cast.

Trust is set to begin production this June with filming to be done in Rome and London. The 10-episode series will debut on FX in 2018.


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