FX Is Set to Remake Fargo as a Series for the Smaller Screens

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Brisbane, Australia – If you think the big screen version of Fargo is not enough for the experience, then, say thanks to FX. They are already planning the remake of the good movie for the TV.

The plans are already laid out. The only thing that they are waiting for is Tuesday, as this will mark the premiere of the TV series for the movie. However, they are only limited to 10 series. This is better than not having at all.

The public will decide whether they will extend it or not. It will depend on the way the public accepts the new piece.

Not a Spinoff, Not a Prequel and Not a Sequel

FX is already making it exciting for the public as they announce that it will not be a prequel, a sequel, and not a spinoff even. It is going to be a whole new series. However, the whole essence of Fargo, the movie version, will still be there. There will still be crimes that are based on real life. The production will still follow the ideas from the Coen Brothers, the creator of the movie.

Also, they will keep the black humor intact. This was one of the trademarks and the strengths of the movie. They will be working on the same setting, which is Minnesota. The stereotype that this state is filled with tall guys with a funny accent will remain.

The Concerns of the Production Team

When asked about the problems of the team, one of them mentioned that the TV series is a lot harder to make. This is not because they do not know how to plot the storyline or the actors, and the other technicalities of the big-hit movie, Fargo.

It is more of the other choices that they could have done. There are a lot of films that could have been better seen on a TV series but they chose Fargo. However, there was excitement from them because they will be dealing with only 10 episodes for the contract. They will have to give their best whenever they shoot and execute.

It is hard to beat what Fargo has done to the viewing public. Its deep sense of drama, suspense, and black humor is extraordinary. What can FX specifically do to overcome all this? Will it be the way they run the pace of the story?

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