FX Releases Teasers for ‘The Comedians’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
FX Releases Teasers for ‘The Comedians’ [WATCH VIDEO]
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FX has released a number of teasers for its upcoming comedy series “The Comedians.” The show is set to debut on the cable channel in early 2015. Read on to learn more.

First announced as in development back in the spring, “The Comedians” stars legendary actor Billy Crystal (“When Harry Met Sally”) as a veteran comedy icon who is paired with a young and up and coming star played by Josh Gad (“Frozen”). The show takes place behind the scenes of a late night sketch comedy and here, egos and ages come in conflict. The series also stars Megan Ferguson, Matt Oberg and Stephanie Weir. Dana Delany is also expected to grace the show as Billy Crystal’s wife, as we reported last October.

“The Comedians” is sort of a comeback vehicle for Crystal, who first did a regular television show back in the late 1970s with “Soap,” a comedy that ran on ABC.

The concept of “The Comedians” is inspired by a Swedish series and FX has actually brought on board the people behind it, Carl Molinder and John Nording, to serve as executive producers. Joining Molinder and Nording are Larry Charles (“Seinfeld”), Matt Nix (“Burn Notice”) and Ben Wexler (“Community”) who will all serve as writers and producers. Crystal and Gad will also be doubling as the show’s producers. 

"We're incredibly excited about The Comedians and the fact that Billy Crystal will be making his return to series television on FX. The chemistry between Billy and Josh is amazing, and Larry, Matt, Ben and Billy did a fantastic job of making what is certain to become one of the best comedies on TV," said Nick Grad from FX when the show was first announced, as published on The Hollywood Reporter. 

“The Comedians” is a single-camera, half-hour offering that is set to run for 13 episodes. Check out the teaser in the video below, and watch more teasers to the show as posted on Indiewire.

We will be giving you more updates about this comedy series as it comes, so make it a habit to check Movie News Guide (MNG) for your daily readings.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/LogoFX

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