G-Dragon Reacts to Shocking BIGBANG Net Worth; Comeback Happening Very Soon!

By Eva Artosilla | 11 months ago
G-Dragon Reacts to Shocking BIGBANG Net Worth; Comeback Happening Very Soon!

G-Dragon was shocked to know that their group has landed in the 54th spot on the prestigious Forbes Celebrity 100 list. He cannot believe that they have surpassed Dr. Dre and Maroon 5.

G-Dragon whose real name is Kwon Jiyong admitted that he was stunned to know about their success. He revealed that he is not knowledgeable about their earnings. His mother takes care of their earnings and finances as a group. He cited Yang Hyn-suk as the man who helped them to succeed.

According to Forbes, BIGBANG earned $44 million gross earnings over the past year as reported by Chatt Sports Net. The amount is $10 million more than what Maroon 5 made in the same year with $33.5 million in earnings.

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Some of the high-earning celebrities that they surpassed aside from Maroon 5 are Dr. Dre ($41 million) and Jimmy Buffet (40.5 million).

BIGBANG’s Comeback Happening Now

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s highly-anticipated comeback is sure to come. This is because of T.O.P’s impending military enlistment mandatory service. The recording for their new album has been completed and the new music video was also finished. There is no stopping the big comeback.

BIGBANG will return next month. MADE (the name of the new album) will be released tomorrow, Dec. 1. There is no stopping of the band’s big exploits in the music industry. Hopefully, next year they will land on Forbes’ top 50 celebrities income wise.

As for G-Dragon’s private life, he is reportedly dating Japanese actress Nana Komatsu. They were spotted hanging out together. Although both of them are silent about the rumors, those who saw them conclude that they are indeed dating. Is G-Dragon in love again? Stay tuned for updates.

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Photo Source: Facebook/G-Dragon

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