WATCH VIDEO: Gaga’s New Song ‘ Til It Happens to You ‘

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
WATCH VIDEO: Gaga’s New Song ‘ Til It Happens to You ‘
Til It Happens To You

A new song, of lady gaga, “ Til It Happens To You” is all set to shake you from within. The pop singer has joined a new project, “The Hounding Ground”, a documentary focusing on the rape cases happening in US colleges.

The singer has not acted herself in the album but the video is still effective to leave you speechless.

The 5 minute video shows how four girls are being raped by their male friends in different situations. Some are put under sleep and then raped. Others are forcefully assaulted within the sphere of college campuses.

Black and white mode has been used to highlight the emotions of rape survivals.

Diane Warren, an Oscar award winner has written the lyrics of “Til It Happens To You” while Catherine Hardwicke is the director and writer of the video for the song.


The “Thirteen” fame actress, Nikki Reeds also plays the role of one of the four girls sexually assaulted.

The video ends up with a message that one in five colleges will witness the same rape case until and unless something is done about it, something is changed.

A part of the album’s earning will be donated to several organizations aiding the sexually assaulted survivors reported Eonline.  

The news was shared on the twitter by the pop singer, she tweeted, “We hope u feel our love & solidarity through the song & perhaps find some peace in knowing u r not alone through this film #TilItHappensToYou.”

Talking to Deadline, director Catherine Hardwicke said that the only goal behind making this video was to tell the survivals of rape cases that we are with them; they are not alone. She expressed hope that people would like this work of theirs. Opening up more on the rape cases happening in the US colleges she said that it is a serious problem and must end.

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Photosource: Facebook/Lady Gaga

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