Gal Gadot’s Boobs Too Small For Wonder Woman Movie, Says Critics

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Gal Gadot’s Boobs Too Small For Wonder Woman Movie, Says Critics
Gal Gadot

Though some DC fans have already accepted Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, some of the comic book fans fear that the actress may still be just too skinny to portray the super heroine.

When the final casting for Wonder Woman confirms Gadot to play the role, some fans state that the actress was definitely too skinny to play the role. However, it was then revealed the Gal Gadot would undergo a very strict work-out to have the physique like that of the real Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot took to Instagram to share several photos of her work-out routines for the upcoming film “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Some fans, however, pointed out that Gadot’s body have not changed at all despite the rigorous program.

Before she was casted originally for the part, there were appeals to cast a more muscular actress, which includes ex-MMA fighter, Gina Carano. Some even went as far as saying that Gadot’s boobs are too small for Wonder Woman.

Slamming her critics, Gadot says that she cannot please everyone. She said that she used to take criticism “really hard” when she was younger, but now haters just amuse her.

“It’s just empty talk. I understand that part of what I’m doing means being exposed. And part of being exposed is being under fire,” she said with confidence.

Watch out for Gal Gadot as she debuts her character as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” movie on March 25, 2016, while her own solo movie “Wonder Woman” will be out on June 23, 2017.

Do you think Gal Gadot is “too skinny” to be Wonder Woman? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Gal Gadot

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