Galavant Recap: Episodes 5 & 6

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Galavant Recap: Episodes 5 & 6
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Isn’t it nice to have something musical every Sunday nights and while “Galavant” is here, let’s enjoy it, shall we? If you missed Episodes 5 “Complete Mad… Alena” & 6 “Dungeons and Dragon Lady,” read below for the full recap.

Galavant and his team have arrived at Valencia. Isabella had a change of heart knowing that she set up Galavant to his death. So, what she did was distract him to delay their arrival at the castle. She could cook up a better plan that will not pit Galavant in danger. She told Galavant that he stinks and he really did so he agreed to stop by at a monastery to bathe.

The monastery isn’t your ordinary monastery. since it’s a musical show, the monks were singing to Galavant. Meanwhile, Isabella asked for a monk whom she could talk with to ask for advice. She finally came up with a plan. They all disguised as monks and made their way to the castle. And no, she still didn’t reveal the truth to Galavant.

At the castle, Madalena was getting frustrated on the jewels that she wished to acquire that she paid a chef to learn about what’s going on. She learned that King Richard is having a secret meeting and plans to kill Galavant when he arrives.

When Galavant and the gang got into the castle, they were attacked. Everything was going well in favor if Galavant’s team until Gareth captured Isabella and threatened to kill her. So, that’s when Galavant learned the truth and dropped his weapon to save Isabella’s life. He questioned Isabella why she lied because she shouldn’t have done it. She told him the truth right away so they could cook up a better plan. But, Isabella said that she never thought that he would go along with it if he knows the truth.

Galavant is then taken to King Richard. When Richard took his hood, he was surprised to find the chef! It turns out that Madalena plotted things well and Galavant is in her chambers and let Galavant in her plan.

Episode 6 begins with Galavant, euphoric that he’s finally in front the love of his life. He told her how much he loves her and even talked about his plans for their future. However, Madalena wasn’t thrilled about it but said that she loves him. She took him back to the dungeons where she kissed Galavant in front of everyone. Then, she ordered Gareth to kill the princess and torture everyone there.

King Richard was taken down memory lane and met his older brother, Kingsley, the supposed to be king until he turned it down and chose to travel the world instead. But of course, Kingsley wouldn’t give up the crown just like that so he took Richard’s sword and went off with it. Now, who’s the king?

Back in the dungeon, Isabella talked to Galavant. She told him that he doesn’t deserve Madalena and should stop. They started to share their real feelings for one another through a duet.

King Richard confronted Madalena and told her that he’s breaking up with her. He then called Gareth to escort Madalena to the dungeons, but the scheming woman isn’t done yet. She invited Kingsley back to the castle to take back his throne.

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