Galavant Season 1 Recap: Episodes 3 & 4

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Galavant Season 1 Recap: Episodes 3 & 4
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Galavant” continues to be very delightful and if you missed it I have the full Episodes 3 & 4 recap for you.

Episode 3 “Two Balls” opened with Sid, Galavant and Isabella arriving in Sid’s hometown. Sid’s parents were so happy to see him. It turns out that everyone is his hometown thinks that he’s a gallant knight and Galavant is his squire. Can you imagine the shock look on Galavant’s face? Instead of retaliating, he just gave Sid the unhappy look that clearly suggests that he’ll play along with it but he’s the least thrilled about it.

Isabella, on the other hand also had a plot of her own when she found out about this – she introduced herself as Sid’s betrothed. Indeed, things got so amusing for Galavant.

Meanwhile, King Richard is still pestering the people of Valencia, Isabella’s hometown for entertainment. He didn’t get the results that he wanted. He called the eunuch for advise on the kind of fun that the Valencian people used to have before he came in the picture. Then the eunuch replied, “We used to have ball.” King Richard laughed so hard about this – thinking that it was a joke.

Back in Sid’s hometown, Galavant realized that he doesn’t treat Sid as well as he should. He and Sid shared a heart-to-heart talk. He admitted to Sid that the reason he chose him to be his squire is because he was the only person who had been true to himself. After a while, Sid finally told his family the truth about him being a squire.

Then a ball is happening for the Valencian people hosted by King Richard. We saw Madalena and the Jester rejoining him just when the ball was about to start. The eunuch then told King Richard that the jester and his queen were having sex behind his back. King Richard didn’t like this that he ordered for the eunuch to be executed.

Now, for episode 3 “Comedy Gold” since the show airs two episodes every week, Sid, Isabella and Galavant are nearing Valencia. Along the way, they were captured by a pirate captain named Peter Pillager and his troops. He told them that they have been stuck there and wanted Galavant to join his troops and if he did he would set Sid and Isabella free. Just when he’s about to make a decision, he found out that Isabella and Sid have managed to rescue themselves. He made a speech, countering Peter’s offer by taking them all to Valencia and working together so they could get whatever it is that they desire. Peter agreed and just when they were very close to Valencia did Isabella admitted to Galavant that he set him up for a trap. Galavant wasn’t listening and when he asked Isabella again what she said, she dodged it and gave him a different answer.

Meanwhile, King Richard spared the life of the jester by asking him tips and tricks on how he could make Madalena laugh. He hosted a comedy show and he made his wife really happy but still, Madalena has her eyes on the jester and when they met up the jester was feeling guilty, which angered Madalena so she sent him to the dungeon.

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