Galavant Season Finale Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Galavant Season Finale Recap
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Galavant” finale has a shocking twist, and that’s something that we didn’t see coming. Read below for the  full recap of Episodes 7 “My Cousin Izzy” and 8 “It’s All in the Executions.”

The episode kicked off with a flashback. Galavant’s father was giving him advice not to let his feelings get the best of him, or better yet, never have it. The flashback explained why Galavant was cold and distant even though it’s obvious that he has feelings for Isabella.

Back in present day, Galavant was still locked up, and he planned to rescue Isabella’s family. However, her parents didn’t like Galavant at all. Fortunately, they were able to send a message to Isabella’s cousin Harry. He will be the one to rescue them and who will be Isabella’s husband.

Meanwhile, Madalena’s plan was to marry King Richard’s brother, Kingsley. But of course, King Richard didn’t want this to happen so the two proposed a settlement. They will choose a champion that will represent themselves, and whoever wins will get the crown. Kingsley chose Gareth, while King Richard chose Galavant. Madalena ordered Isabella to the arena during the fight so she could see Galavant die.

At the arena, Gareth and Galavant weren’t able to fight due to the arrival of Henry, who turned out to be a 10-year-old boy. Since the unexpected arrival of a royal family, it meant that an unexpected feast must happen right away. Everybody cheered due to the arrival of Henry, and the prisoners thought that Galavant lost, so they escaped the prison through the jester.

Chef and Gwyne also had a plan to poison some of the royals. But Chef just can’t do it. What he did instead was to serve food that the royals are allergic to. Just when Isabella was about to take a bite of a crab, Galavant saved her and finally confessed his feelings for her. Prince Henry gave up and went home. King Richard decided to fight on his own against his best friend.

Galavant talked to King Richard, and both shared a moment over wine. They got really drunk, and King Richard even told Galavant that he and Madalena have never consummated their marriage. This was a shocker. Galavant then asked the king to kill Kingsley in his sleep. King Richard agreed, but the plan failed. They were both sent to the dungeons.

Gareth then helped them get out of the castle and send them home. Galavant shared a moment with Isabella before he left. Then when Gareth returned to the castle, Madalena stabbed Kingsley in the back. Then Gareth put up the sword, which now marks him as the new king. There’s your big plot twist right there.

Meanwhile, Isabella arrived at her cousin Henry’s place ,and the prince has built her a perfect room matched with a beautiful wedding dress.

And that’s it for the season finale. With that kind of ending, we think there’s going to be a second season for “Galavant.” Would you want one for the show? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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