‘Gambit’ Movie: Director Rupert Wyatt Leaves Project?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Gambit’ Movie: Director Rupert Wyatt Leaves Project?

This movie certainly has had its share of problems. Initially, it was reported that Channing Tatum who was going to star in the lead role has opted out of the project as some negotiations went wrong. This time around with a key member of the movie exiting the project, “Gambit,” has hit another major roadblock.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Rupert Wyatt has left Fox’s “Gambit.” The movie was actually an “X-Men” spinoff, focusing on the Cajun mutant. According to the media outlet, due to change in the script of the movie, the budget has gone overboard and more than expected. This has further led to the shoot getting extended, resulting delay in the movie’s start.

Besides, one of the sources mentioned that the shooting schedule around Mardi Gras caused problems and resulted in reshuffling. With that happening, the conflict arose and Rupert Wyatt was left with no choice but to leave the project.

Rupert also expressed his displeasure over not being able to continue with the project. He stated that he was looking forward to directing the movie, but because of the start date getting pushed, it now collides with his another project and unfortunately, he has to exit. He also thanked everyone for the opportunity and is sure that “Gambit” will make a terrific movie.

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Based on the reports of Variety, the production was supposed to start in November, but due to the changes it was postponed to early next year. Right from the beginning, “Gambit” movie has been seeing lots of roadblocks coming its way. It is reported that this is Fox and Simon Kinberg’s second comic book movie to run into problems after “Fantastic Four.” Until then, it can be hoped that “Gambit” finds another director soon who is as passionate about the project as Rupert Wyatt was.

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